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Artist: Tha Joker
Album:  Make It Rain (S)
Song:   Make It Rain Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm a Make It Rain Bitch
I'm a Make It Snow Hoe
Fly Into The Club And Turn That Bitch Into A Snow Globe
Like I Bought A Plane I'm about to Watch My Money Fly
Cause I'm a make it rain bitch Indian Tribe
Coldest Ever Done it Bitch
O.F.F. we runnin shit
Father Of This Rap Game
I Put The Track On Punishment
Groupies to dike hoes
They get a taste of the wonder stick
Lame niggas be Virgin ticks
They squares like that punnett shit
Do it with no hands
Xbox Kinect
She drop it for the grand
Biscuits get her wet
Gravy ass weed
Crazy ass fun
Your love makes her happy
But money make her cum
Lame rappers, old news
Played out, your commend suit
And you can't slow me down
Cause bitch I'm running shit like 3 shoes
I make it rain like 3 may
I'm eating good like 3 treys
And if her booty talk I put my nigga on the 3 way
I fuck these girls the G way
12 dollars for a humping room
Show her a lil prada
Now she hotter then a junkin spoon
Thuggin hard but we swaggin to
All stars and good dope