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Artist: Tha Joker f/ Nation
Album:  Emergency (S)
Song:   Emergency
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Aye Man Joker 2 Cold Back
Aye Man Joker 2 Cold Back
Aye Mane Joker 2 Cold Back
Family Ties Entertainment FTE Getting Sick Of Niggas Doin Dis Shit It Dnt Even Mata
Emergency Emergency

[Tha Joker]
Emergency Emergency Sum One Call The Medic (Call Em Up)
I Took My Glove Off & I Told Dat Bitch To Catch It (Skee Skee)

Ugh! Won't Let Her Wipe It Off (No)
Nation Got Da Pies Neva Cross Da Gun Line Boss (Yea)

Even In A White B Nigga I Stay Fly (Huh)
Smokin Out Da Pound Like I Got Da Dog Catcher High

Amazin How Dese Gurlz Neva Pay Attention To My Song
Until Da Room Shot Dey See Dat Tha Jokers Not Alone (How U Doin)

Hood Like Da Army Base We Getting Green Guys (Yeaaaa)
All Dis Change In My Pocket Like Obama's Wallet Size (Obama)

Shirt Off High Az Fuck Nigga Yea I'm Wide Open
All Dis Ink On My Skin It's Like BIG Makes Lotion (Dats A Pen Company)

Ha Ha Ha

Dese Hoes Catchin Colds Round Here Now I Can't Believe Dat
I Got Da Remedy I Might Hit Em With My Teabag (Teabag)

Ha Ha Don't Discriminate Pussy Is A Hobby
Fucked Da Waitress At Da Bar & Da Maid in Da Lobby

Getting Paid Like A Job Is So No One Can Eva Stop Me (Ha)
Pissin Excellence I Guess I'm Like Da Nigga Ricky Bobby

Checkin In But We Stayin Out In Denver
Fuck With Hostile In Alaska Fuck With C-Mo and Lil Joe Monroe Waz Hannin

Money Money Money We Do Dat Illegal Shit
Racks On Top Of Racks See We Can Bake A Whole Heap Of Shit

Smooth Smooth Smooth Delivery But No It's Not Digiorno
Talked Her In To Makin Love But See We Really Made A Porno (Smile)

I Got A Head Start But Everybody Wanna To Pass Me
Cause My Name Spread Faster Like Da Naked Pics Of Cassie (Tha Joker)

Or Maybe It Was Rihanna See Datz Jus How It Begins
Fuck Me & U Can Go Brag About It To Your Friends (Girl U Kno I Fucked All Of Dem)

I Keep A Glock 40 Cause I'm Alwayz On Da Hustle
And We Got A Lot Of Blockz God Damn A Triple Double

It's The Phenom Bitch & Perfection Is Da Mission (Tha Joker)
Fruit Cut Off Cause I'm Now Bored With Dis One

Hold Up Let Me Give Dem A Wake-Up Call NATION!

Dey Crucified In My First Life I'm Back In Da Flesh
Call Me Nation Wide Known Or Jus Rap At It's Best

I Can Spit Dat Hot Shit Or Put Dat In His Head
Let Me Kill Em Spiritually Either Dat Or He's Dead

U Don't Want Dese Problems Boy U Not A Mathematician
U Can't Read Between Da Line Den Jus Sit Back & Listen

Say You've Fallen & U Can't Get Up & U Need Me To Pick U Up
If I Had A Pocket Full Den I Still Wouldn't Give A Fuck

U Niggas Ain't Even Weak Take A Letter Or A Day Off
Didn't Get U In Killa Season Hell Welcome To Da Playoffs

U Won't Make It Past The Da First Round Wheres Your Designated Driver
Dis Rap Domain Is Mine Az A Web Is To A Spider A?

A King In Your squire A Peasant In My Castle Robin Hood U Are A Liar

Old Rappers Give Me Narcolepsy Your Flow Is Retired
My Flow Is Current Guess Dat Meanz I'm Your Supplier

They sniff me, Pop Me Smoke Me Smoke Me But Dey Ain't Da Killa Type
Actin Fake til Dey Make IT Hatin Niggaz Getz A Life
Oh Yea Dere A Bitch So U Might Jus Wana Hit It Right

I Already Hav Now She Is My Background
I Pass Her To Joker I Bet U Like OH Dat Clown

I Shot Da Sheriff Da Deputy & Da Sergeant
Got My First Erection Wen I Was Seven & I've Been Hard Since

No I'm Not Retarded Bitch I Jus Don't Give A Damn
A Doctor Or A Physician Couldn't Tell U Wat I Really Am, emergency

[Outro: Youngstar]
Emergency Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha FTE Casino Family No Wat I Mean
It's Like Wen We Walk In Da Club All Da Hoes Runs Us Like It's An Emergency
No Bitch We're Gud We're Gud Bring Us A Drink
Emergency We Up Out Dis Bitch