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Artist: Tha Joker
Album:  Birds (S)
Song:   Birds
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

It's Joker! 2 Cold..
Tryna, I'm tryna..

[Verse 1]
Smoke a thousand blunts, and buy a million cars
I ain't never had shit so I want it all
Grind is what times is, it's crazy
It's got a nigga screamin fuck my old lady
Money and power, it falls the way you live, so
Shoestrings tied tight we ain't trippin, hoe
And you can get it right now we ain't trippin, folk
Hunters regardless, show us the target, and we'll charge it
Just tryin get it how we live, and live how we get it
And we gettin plenty, you see it bitch
Holla Mr. 2 Cold like bring your heater, bitch
Tryin to stack my paper tall, like Medea, bitch
Straight chillin witcha broad and a Swedish bitch
Take a gaze in the jar, you should see this shit
Used to hate back then, ain't believe this
Now I'm doin' big things like a freak bitch

Haters talk shit, but we don't worry bout 'em
We just keep countin paper, shootin birds at 'em
Fuck a hater! We don't care bout 'em
We just keep blowin kush, shootin birds at 'em
Shootin birds at 'em, I shoot birds at 'em
I let a hater nigga know I ain't worried 'bout him
Fake niggas talk shit when ain't no paper round 'em
So I don't care bout 'em, I shoot birds at 'em

[Verse 2]
Dat nigga go hard, goddamit
And it still pull your card, gambit
2 birds to a hater like Steve Austin
Yeah our teeth clean now, but we still flossin'
Funny how I miss the paper when I get it often
Gotta get it how I live cause the shit costly
Fuck a nigga! Fuck a bitch! Ten times out of nine, can't trust a bitch!
Stay true to family, and be yourself
And anybody hate on that can shoot they fuckin' self
It's 2 Cold, the Lyrical, I kill it, you feel it
Medusas to any nigga who ain't with it

[Chorus x2]