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Artist: Tha Joker
Album:  The Explanation (Mixtape)
Song:   Switch It Up
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Switch it up, switch it up
My flow I switch it up
Ok, it's mister 2 cold and I'm back up on the flow
I take your girlfriend and introduce her to a pole
I get her so wet when we make it to the room
Have your girl just like a spanish talk, lagoon
She wants to be my wife but I solemnly refuse
I'm like a bald head, I cannot be groomed
I have many pairs of jordans, my collection is slope
Now jesus christ is mad cause he found out I'm saving souls
Switch it up, switch it up
My flow I switch it up

I say, I say, I say, I'm colder than a freeze
She's hotter than the head
I know how way she is, like a water meter reader
These niggas wanna be us, I get as high as jesus
Shawty tryina fuck so I let her kick it like a fetus
Meeting greet us when you see us
Or you'll spot us like a cheetah
We're blowing all the gas but you save it like a prius
Got a gold 20 ball I sit on it with my pistol
So real nigga shit, I shit like a real nigga
Switch it up, switch it up
My flow I switch it up

I hit this virgin last night and I swear that pussy was the shit
I gave her the trouble man, cause all she wanted was the tip
Every nigga tryina rap boy that shit there is a drip
Put your cd in my deck and broke my finger on the skip
I been hearing round the way that you been hating on the kit
I'm on your baby mama instant like an every single pick
Took a round of all boys, she liking every single dick
Youtube, I'm getting paid off of every single clip
Switch it up, switch it up
My flow I switch it up

I just figured I would get high today
I hit tip the tidal with a tidal wave
So now I am on fire, like foil
In a microwave
I'm too cold like I hibernate
And I ain't even never even tried to skate
Each one of her legs is just like a word so I, hyphenate
I'ma fresh night and no time to waste
This 4 20, that's my kind of day
My flow so hard, motherfuckers wanna fine me
It's kinda great
I am doing this shit like everyday
Every woman I meet I call her babe
I smoked up the weed now we rolling up the shade
Shake it babe