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Artist: Tha Joker
Album:  The Explanation (Mixtape)
Song:   Hey Mama Chapter 2
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Talk to my mama these days more than I ever have
Seen so many changes so I don't really know how to stand

I don't really trust nobody, everybody be on something
Don't even answer my phone, everybody just want some
Surrounded by my friends but somehow I feel lonesome
Confiding in my bitch but now I swear I don't want one
I was raised wrong, I just ain't had no father figure
Present in my home
So I used daddy's hell excuse for how I carry on
Loading up the carry on, need to call my mama
Tryina get paper in ways that I know she wouldn't be proud of
Dealing with the death and graces, the lakes are filling with tears
That was my mother, when I wife em
My mother so many years, want to apologize baby
Just hopin that you forgive me
We both know that I ain't keepin a loud
And while you was here, call your people
Take on them, even when you feel like you don't need em
Cause this gonn be like cardiac arrest when you can't see em
Weed is my freedom, but that shit don't take my freedom
Why the fuck am I so selfish when I know my [?]
Guess I'm stunting like my dad
Feel I relieve, been watching myself become the one
I'm vowed to never be as seen
Arianna in a year, real talk, blame it on the mother
But don't never say [?] fault

I was just young with an addiction of leading girls into feelings
No intentions to ever beeing the one that's meant for pleading
Coming from a place with jesus, since all we have to believe in
Who they yell about convictions and condequence for concieving
Twisting [?] in my slumber I'm steady dealing with demons
If he seeming like the people who leave you the one who need ya
Had to several ties with several, these friends can be so deceiving
Tryina salvage thoughts you laughing the ones who ain't stop believing
No more young stunting my videos
But we still cool, the bitches over digits
I just miss when we was real cool
Not my niggas, not my hoes
Not even obama
Hit me out when I jailing
Just my motherfucking mama

Hey mama, hey mama please just pray for your son
I wonder, I wonder, will better days are there come
Still smoking, and drinking, living my life in sin
Just hopin and praying, he'll always [?] my sin