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Artist: Tha Joker f/ HBK (Doughboyz Cashout)
Album:  The Explanation (Mixtape)
Song:   Ghetto
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Alright, the sun is here but my time is gone
My pocket's fat and my money long
In fact is gone our RP, I still carrying back is when I get the G
We getting high like Whitney back
My nigga throw me a hundred sack
Can't take the stairs I need around
I'm rolling up like a handred cap
Today I feel like [?] live
Today I feel like on the shit
Just got a text from yell the bone
I said today she feel like suck a dick
Damn the show is good as the day
There's word to the homie pay for kay
Hoes telling me to bring the ice out
It's a night it will go the same way
I know the future like night [?] diamonds
Your pocket's flat like a panasonic
Any location in the holes of honest
I'm drinking lean I'm [?] corner
My hood love me so I am honored
Well we ain't good like [?]
Gasoline, we blow supreme
We blow supreme like their corner

Hey, everybody rolling up and my cousin pouring up
So everybody get a cold with you
Keep it in ghetto
Racing as with the cheese, everybody smoking weed
Ain't seen a single police, could we just
Keep it in ghetto
I put the better score, seen a hoe
And I got a shot to [?] we just
Keep it in ghetto
Now I send the came up, [?] pull the drops out
They ain't it good in the hood we just
Keep it in ghetto

Now I pour up and smoking on it
But I keep in hood and let me show it some
What up dough to the A A A
Tea stucking you made the same out noise
Get in love from PA to joy
From green field, back to [?]
Detroit, Michigan, they ain't fuck with us 'cause we the realest boy
Still in the ghetto but I don't live in the ghetto
Iced up get chills in the ghetto
Black parties, neighborhood, bike shit
This summer I'm a get to the ghetto
My man just poured this hoop
And Keysha is poured that coop nigga
Five hoes and once card rime
I pass so I pour my [?] out
Seen the same thing on [?] island
Beggin for money I'm like nigga please
Keeping it G with my niggas G
Got an auto [?] with some ginny
Pick up truck and hit the look of stove
Get drunk as here fucking fuck a nigga hoe
Before 2 am I'm a get some more
I'm just keeping it GATT