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Artist: Tha Joker
Album:  The Explanation (Mixtape)
Song:   The Explanation Chapter 1
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

As I'm thumbing through the cash I get an erection
Making movies I advise the viewer's discression
So people only fuck with me because of my profession
So when I'm looking at my friends I see the deception
I don't know, almost lost it all on a couple ocassions
I done have some close calls like a presentation
Every thought that money talks to me like a good citation
I wish I've been on my neck, yeah I bought a bracelet
All it takes is patience and yeah I get impatient
Cause I enjoy it when the bank is my current location
And I get goose bumps as I slide my licks into the silence
Plus I'm a father, so I love when my children be shining
Addicted to fast car and fast women, but who isn't
I could say I'm different, but I'm just a regular old ass nigga
I used to do it for fun, until I had keys
And had peers who stabbed me from the, rear
I'm tryina win, so my losses are unsufferable
Keys to the game, stay humble, never get contemplable
And never show weakness, I won't be handled by a man
I bury you further, call to make sure you understand
Bury you further, to make sure you under, stand
I'm still grinding man, I own it for family

Grandma need a residence, grand daddy taking medicine
Sister tired of paying the shit, so joker getting president
Joker gotta watch these pussy niggas who hating on me
Welcome pussies better know that nigga joker waiting on you
Tryina get better, but I'm still fearing judgement day
Cause no matter how much I change, I still gotta pay
Lord give me some slack, a young wild and I'm black
I love me some weed and some pussy
But I'm addicted to the scratch
Money, pesos, dollars, …euros, pounds
Filled with bands, skrilla breads, first grind
Even caught many tens
Man I swear to god man these niggas fuck niggas
That's why my mind on money man
Fuck niggas, really dog, I only put my trust in the kids
Glock 40, black 40, those are my fraternal twins
Take a stroll down puffa, see the niggas that roll with me
They get they own money
So I just spoil em with loyalty
Got a …maning d, I go to war for them
They mexi know with scales, they are my extra
Bands, grands, they got it made mill, real nigga, hey man