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Artist: Termanology f/ Akrobatik, Consequence, Crooked I, Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Time Machine (Hood Politics VI)
Song:   Music Industry (Rmx)
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[Intro: Termanology]
Consequence, Akrobatik, 5'9", Crooked I
{"How far must you go to gain respect? Ummm"}
Fizzy Wo' on the beat, c'mon

Aiyyo, I ain't complainin 'bout a label not signin me
I just got signed, my people like "Finally!"
Took long enough but I ain't really sweat it
I knew I'd get me a cheddick, pathetic the way we spend it
Our relatives with the lettuce, invented venomous records
Instead they rather us check in at college and get accredited
Then if we ever quit it I did it, stayed on my shiddit
Delivered quality records, regardless if they spit it
and, shout out to real DJ's who always held me down
And let me get up on they show when I get in town
Let me spit a sixteen and play the hot shit
Cause they in love with that real hip-hop shit
Not for the profit and bread up in they pocket
Jackin all of these flossin cats spittin that nonsense
Consequence reppin N.Y.C. now
Akrobatik he be reppin for the Bean now
5'9" he be reppin for the D now
Crooked I reppin killa Cali now
Fizzy Wo' stay reppin M.O.P. now
Termanology, I'll still kill you with a freestyle

[Chorus: scratched Q-Tip samples]
"DJ to DJ" - "This is for all y'all"
"It isn't easy" - "To gain respect, ummm"
"Industry rule number four thousand and eighty,
 record company people are shady"

[Royce Da 5'9"]
From the beats to the technique
Table, streets to the 'net
Keep blazin my raps before self baby, my jacket is flawless
After I spit, I could turn around and put my lyrics back in the toilet
That means I (I) spit that shit (shit)
Radio don't want it but I still got chips (chips)
+I Am Legend+ but not Will Smith
Just, e'rybody else on the Earth don't exist

[Crooked I]
Adidas with no strings in 'em
Levi's with the crease in 'em, Kangols I was seen in 'em
Four-finger rings, yeah, I was sleepin 'em
Ever since the beginnin I spit with extreme venom
Now they don't respect rap phenomenons
Only rappers who dancin like Omarion
And I like Omarion
But this is hip-hop homie, what kind of SHIT are we on?


I came up in a time where the focus was rhyme
And these rappers didn't come a dime a dozen
And every drug dealer didn't sign they cousin
Before every rap site online was buzzin, Ak was rugged
But we know, record company people are shady though
So I infultrated the radio
Now I got daily flows, for all the fellas and the ladies yo
I fall forward now they pay me dough, and yo

Now what do I need to give a publicist a check for
when I could get more press from playin Jay-Z in Connect Four?
And when it seemed like my career was on death's door
Five videos later, of course they gon' expect more
Cause it feel like I was just this close
to gettin y'all to feel the kid like Chris Stokes
Cause anything that this kid wrote became a instant quote
They circle back now, like "His shit's dope"
So industry rule for 2008
As long as Cons' around ain't nobody that's safe
As long as Term's around ain't nobody that's safe
In this turnaround I'm goin straight for the safe, uh

[Outro: scratched Q-Tip samples]
"It-it-it-it-it.. it isn't easy"
"A-all y'all, all y'all"
"How far must you go to gain respect? Ummm"
"Industry rule number four thousand and eighty,
 record company people are shady"
"This is for all y'all" - "shady, shady"
"All y'all"
"Shady" {*scratched to the end*}