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Artist: Termanology f/ Bun B, Freeway, Joell Ortiz, Saigon, Sheek Louch
Album:  If Heaven Was a Mile Away (A Tribute to J Dilla)
Song:   Say It
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[Sheek Louch]
Yeah! (Yeah!) Say it muh'fucker
I layed down laws, now beg muh'fucker (no doubt)
I'm sittin outside with the BLUCKA-BLUCKA-BLUCKA
If you want it {"C'mon"}, anybody just {"Say it"}
Hey, Sheek Louch in this bitch (Oww!)
Face all pretty ain't never need a stitch (uh-uh)
Hold the gun steady, ain't no time to twitch (ha ha!)
First time there, fucked all type of bitch -- ES (C'mere babe)
Now I'm sittin in that thing (thang)
Yankee hat low with all type of bling (BLING!)
Bloods, Crips, the whole Latin Kings (B-B-BLAT)
Fuck with me, thank you if y'all stuck with me (D-BLOCK!)
Me and Term like Friday, we Big Perm (ha ha!)
I mean Big Worm (Big Worm), spread big germs (big germs)
A species, we ballin, now give us our ESPYs' (YEA!)
Muh'fucker I said just {"Say it"}
Yeah, that's where the 16s' stop
Big Tech Nine loaded up with sixteen pop
You ain't hip-hop cause you wear backpack (nah)
You ain't underground cause you dance like that (nah)
It's been driftin, but now it's comin right back (Yeah!)
With Big Term, Sheek Louch, lesson is learned (Let's go!)
Yeah, we need one more day, one more path
One more pen to take niggaz away, I say {"Say it"}

[Joell Ortiz]
You say it, you did it, you didn't then they did it to you
You couldn't wake up and hustle, you had to get approval (word)
And become a big dog or stay a little poodle (arf!)
Hatin like, "That's word to my mother, I knew that nigga boo-boo!" (Ha!)
Take a look at this game y'all, this shit is doo-doo (look!)
Niggaz say what they don't do (what else?), talk what they don't know
It's a circus not a zoo, they say they walk where they don't go
Ask about them in the hood, nobody knows who they are (who?)
Cause all they did was play they window and study our
way of life and write it on they paper nice (wow)
So you could lie and say you played the script late at night
But I know when I had to hit the ave, I used to take your bike
You was always that lil' dude that the neighbors like
Your face smooth, you ain't NEVER been in a razor fight
So when you say what you did, make sure you say it right
Cause I ain't gon' only break your jaw, I'ma break your mic

I pledge allegiance to beatin the shit out of every beat
And greeted immediately, me and Sheek and Joell
Might as well be Rakim, Kane and LL
I puff a L, then stuff a shell up in a ball
{"Say it"} if you really want the hammer
The cannon'll blow your grandma, make it hotter than Atlanta
They call me Termy Montana the vandal that handle grammar
Fuck a police scanner, I'm standin up on a gram and just
{"Say it"} And we come through deep
Bunch of crazy Puerto Ricans and we all got heat
Give a fuck about a hater cause we all got beef
I do songs with Bun B, Saigon and Free - for free!
That says a lot for me
I get respect from the rappers that you dyin to meet
Monday's murder mass, Tuesday's out in Philly
Wednesday's Port Author back to NYC, c'mon

[Bun B]
{"Say it"} to my face if you got the testes
Don't try to test these, you better bounce like jet skis
Cause we body beats and this one I'ma murder that
It's UGK 4 Life {"C'mon"} I know you heard of that
{"Say it"} like I murder rap, buddy I'ma body bars
Leave lines leakin on loose leaf then prob'ly scarred
I don't talk to fakes, I don't try to Polyguard
They find you stankin in Frisco at the trolley yard
Lord, have mercy, have grace
Have the decency to get the fuck up outta my face
I ain't down with the braggin, you're dumb so your convo's laggin
And really {"C'mon"} you got the dragon
We melt mics G, but not like that
I'ma run and grab you some Colgate and be right back
Now that's real, just keepin it trill 
You wanna be the big will like J Dill {"C'mon"}
Then motherfucker just {"Say it"}
Fuck the radio, internet play it yo it's time to SK it
Let the hood okay it, no way it could lose
R.I.P. to my dude, Pimp and J Dilla too
Two of the best that was keepin it true
And if you miss 'em both like I do 
Then let me hear you just {"Say it"}

I mastered my zone, that's why I'm in a class of my own
This was '93, I'd probably be blastin the chrome
Y'all'll be sittin ya asses at home
And you was a telephone thug, who only talk trash on the jones
Now in the booth, you this bullet-proof certified murderer
This had any truth, why nobody never heard of ya?
You only known for rap nigga, bumpin your gum
Nobody seen none of this crack, that you dumped in the slum, BUM
Nobody seen you bustin your gun
You wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight, (shit) your pussy lips too tight
Man, I'll you 'bout a kid named Divine
Live by the thirty-eight {"c'mon"} and die by the nine {"Say it"}
What's it gon' take to make niggaz stop lyin in they rhyme?
Is this what you gotta do to shine?
Who give a fuck if radio say it's a hit?
Real niggaz consider it miscellaneous shit
Nah, we ain't the ones to play with (play with) we slay shit (slay shit)
You wan' rhyme with the big boys then nigga just {"say it"}

Who the only nigga that drop thirty-one songs 
in a row and they all hot? (Yep!)
Y'all niggaz drop songs and they all flop (uh)
Killin me, I gun ya all down, thirty shots in a row (yeah)
{"Say it"} Me and Term' spit fire burn, we'll burn
Drop bombs like Vietnam, send you home missin arm
Missin leg, I'm the plague, I'm a renegade
Hundred-fifty boys come, hundred-fifty boys laid (yea)
out, sprayed out with their brain out
Nigga said he spittin fire, Freezer put the flame out
Freezer needed money so Freezer put the 'caine out
'09's mines, clear the lane out 'fore I drain out
the 11th letter, that's the K for you stupid fools
Make memorials out your hangout
I am Destiny's Child, all you gotta do is +Say My Name+ out
loud, fuck the crowd, pull the thang out - BLAOW! BLOAW!
{"Say it"}