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Artst: Lil Fame & Termanology f/ Freeway
Album: Fizzyology
Song:  From the Streets
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus 4X: M.O.P. samples]
BLAOW! Hold that, BLAOW! Hold that
BLAOW! Hold that, fr-from the from the streets

[Lil Fame]
Crime time, 1-7-1-8
Nah Term-inatin all that shit
2-1-5 whattup?

Fuck a battle rap, I crab you in yo' bladder, then the back of yo' legs
And then clap you again in back of yo' head
Put out a Amber Alert, they fuckin with the kid
I get you blammed and merked in front of where you live
It's the M.O. (P!) with Termanology and Freeze
And we'll buh-buh-buh-buh-back 'em down with the heaters
Fuck around and get your wig popped off
You'll be the latest addition to end up in the hip-hop morgue
I write a rhyme in graffiti and, niggaz can't see me and
Tellin jokes, but ride for the cake, I'm no comedian
Expected the unexpected, Brooklyn, connected
Philly shit, Nor-town niggaz, Statik Selekt-ed
Come at me with that rah rah shit
I'll turn your flesh into a meat suit nigga +Lady Gaga+ shit
And we do it for the bottom where the real motherfuckers retreat
You know my M.O. nigga I'm ("from the streets")


It's the devil spawn, my sperm pop out the rubber
Left jab, right hook, knock out your mother
It's '82, them crazy goons rockin 80 proof
I'm the one puttin razors in your baby suit
I'm always high, I could give a fuck about a copper
I let it pop and let 'em drop until his melon's chopped up
I'm sippin lemon vodka, Hennessy with grenadine
And better to scheme put 10 in the beam
I'm friendin your team I'm runnin the Bean
That papichulo with the rocket that'll shoot you
And my pocket's where the tool go put your noggin out in Pluto
You know, I never talk to Satan that's a deadly conversation
A deadly combination like a redneck cop that's racist
It's Lil Fame and Term with Philly Freeze again in the Beem
Our millimeters 'fin to squeeze they'll leave you bleed and get on your knees
Just gimme the money the ki's and nobody son I'm flowin with ease
Team Early, ST, M.O.P., we bring the streets


First things first!!! Watch what you say out your mouth
'fore I come through, put the AK to your spouse
Wake your son up, put the AK in his mouth
Let a round off and show him what a thug is about
I tell him "blaow nigga hold that," pull a nigga whole cap
The mac'll make a hater co-llapse, crack his whole back
+EPMD+ all these groupies on my +Bozack+
We are on the sooner never catch me on the wrong path
We are Team Earlier, early in the morning
If you try me six sawers and y'all niggaz "4 Alarm" that
Yeah nigga all that, brains get splattered
Freezer toss the ladder, no fireman no hard hat
Chemist in the kitchen I can show you where the hard at
Cut your chest open make you show me where your heart at
Lunchman shooter on the hunt for my target
We kill our dinner never shop at the market, yeah~!!