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Artist: Tela 
Album:  Now or Never
Song:   Bring 'Em Out
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Come on, come on, come on, come on,
Come on, come on
Where they at?
Come on, come on, come on, come on 

Come on outside who wanna ride with these big boys
We got some big toys in the parking lot making big noise
We bring dem hoes out like it summer
Blowing marijuana while we rolling in that hummer
With no drama
Do what you wanna
I make it hot like sun 
I get with ya later on 
Little momma give me your number
I'm a call you on the under when we bring dem hoes out
That's how them big boys do that pimp shit down south
We bring dem hoes out da house
While you keep em on leashes
The game be the deepest making these pieces wanna freak us
ugh behind tint so you can't see us
It's me and Lokey sipping remy smoking cannibis and cheeba
Ain't nothing sweeter than this/hit the switch 
I take a car load of pieces to the telly in the six
>From Memphis to Miami Atlanta to New Orleans
When we come through your city bring dem hoes to the scene

[Chorus x4]
Where dem hoes at (where they at?)
There dem hoes go (there they go)
Bring dem hoes out (come on, come on)
Let these hoes know (let em know)

Bring dem hoes out/let em show out
Blow the Mo' out/on the flow out
Pussy blow out huh
Roll on my arm ruby charm
Six hun if it ain't get it it's whipless 
It ain't done
Houston dem playas with dem aqua blue gators
[???Al Cachoo vaders???] when the south navigate us
To the ones in the club acting phoney and lonely
I get hell when I'm roaming on sony blow some chronic 
Do you want me just show me what they hitting me fo
Cause I be spitting up Mo'
Crystal ice with X.O
You wanna blow let me know
Then I'll be your coach
Just follow my ropes
Sho' to make you some dough
Then we all gon applaud
Piss Crystal
Ain't gotta be large shit holla at me ya'll
Fall through the mall/pull a few draws
Get to the club sho nuff take em off
[Chorus x4]

You need to bring em out regardless
Here I come stop this
We ain't need you locksmiths 
Rolling out the carpets
Baby wanna shop shit
Go and let her bop this
I just wanna knock this
You holding her for hostage
Please lets stop this
Give like Rap a Lot gives
Bring them hoes to the club make em get topless
Take the L charge it
You don't want the largest
Hold the hottest hoe let her go don't be a target
Where dem hoes at there dem hoes go
Don't stop this
When we hit the club 
Give it up Dj drop this
Parking lot topless
Never be rock less
Benzo chopped yeah smokey like chocolate

[Chorus till fade]