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Artist: Tekitha
Album:  Dreamz (S)
Song:   Dreamz
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Tekitha]
Can you turn the music up?
Thank you

In the floor, Ohh can't you see the signs
I'm gone cut it, Chop it, Then I'm gone make it mine
Took some time off, Strictly to redesign (That's right)
Now I'm back at that fire, Gone smoke you out your mind (ohh and that's hot)

[Chorus: Tektiha]
Gettin started, Got momentum buildin
Catchin this fever, Can't deny the feelin
Let me show you how, Shine so bright and brilliant
All eyes on you now, Rainin, Got em' over
Fantasies and dreams, Visions of being the queen
Holdin big weight and things, See the trouble it brings
So I chose to wake up, Shake off all of these fakers
Take a presidency, Just Do my own thing

If you didn't know, Ohh now you know the time
Open up your sole, Take a number, Get in line
Ask me how I've been (Say what), Think you've been doin fine (Okay)
Soakin up some game (No playin), Settin up mine


(Random "Ohhs" and "Yeahs")

[Last 4 lines of Chorus]

[Outro: Tekitha]
Yeah, Yeah yeah, Doin my, My own
Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, Doin my own thing
Fantasies and dreams, Visions of bein the queen, (Huh)
I see the trouble it brings, Shakin off everything
Yeah yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Fantasies and dreams, dreams, dreams dreams