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Artist: Tekitha
Album:  The Prelude
Song:   Ridin'
Typed by: pneumatic

It's a sunny day, Everything's going my way
Dream about ????, So I told my baby let's ride
He said where you wanna go, Tell him what I really don't know
But I wanna cruise real slow, So I can see life out my window
As were ridin, Ridin yeah, Ohhh Ridin
Ridin, As were ridin yeah, Ohhh Ridin, Ridin.

Half way up the Ave, They wave as they watch us roll past
But even things I'd see, Brothers puffin on those green leaves
Smile to a group of three, Nod my head, Two fingers say peace
Anything it could need, Cause I'm just ridin with my baby
Ridin, Ohhh ridin, Ridin yeah, Ridin-ridin
Ohh ridin, Ridin-ridin.

Hit the corner make a left turn, Young ones trippin off sherm
Eyes lit by ecstasy, I'm thinkin look at all the babies
One more glance and I start to feel great, Till the clouds disappear
by sun rays
Even though things look that way, It was still a beautiful day
We were ridin yeah, Ohh ohh Ridin, Ohh ridin, Ridin
Ohh na na na na na na na na na na (10 times)