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Artist: Tech N9ne
Album:  Welcome to Strangeland
Song:   Who Do I Catch Now?
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(Verse 1: Tech N9ne)
Real rock rap and not to Xerox weird not
Enough to make you fear a lot from here watch
I ran scrimmage and I fought to the damn finish
And I popped eyes open without eating me canned spinach
My fans in it constantly tellin' me I can win it
If I stand grimace damagin man every damn minute
I blend then expands quick it scrams wicked rhyme
Grand spittage H.A.M. with it fans dig it N9ne!
Cha hard to see me like the background
Your rap styles comin' softer than a catís meow
Red laces but booted like Iím Iraq bound
That frown will get you ate by my cannibal from Sac Town
So relax pal pat down gat down bat down blackout
With a fat smile I might react foul so donít make this cat growl
I caught everybody when I spazzed wow who do I catch now!

(Hook: Tech N9ne)
Who do I catch now?
Maybe those who can't get with the rap sound
I caught the industry who do I catch now
Who do I catch now?
Maybe those who don't rip with the rap down
I caught the whole world, who do I catch now

(Verse 2: Tech N9ne)
I caught wrecks (AND THEN)
I caught checks (AND THEN)
I caught press (AND THEN)
I caught sex (YES)
And no permanent diseases were caught when I caught that
Now the games been offset cause im Strange in a lost mess
I caught a lot of shit by being different they tried to hinder Tech
By calling him devil worshipper surfaced up on the internet
My temper gets grimmer just as winter sets Imma venter yes
And I can't forget when the finger pressed triggers I can't remember that
I caught stars attention Nina had a large ascension
So high the lord is squintin' (NO) 
I mean ya'll are squintin' (OKAY)
Cause I'm tall as Pippen  (NO) 
Got a flawless vision (OKAY)
On a lawless mission (NO)
Cause I'm ballish pimpin'(YEAH!)
Best believe I caught fades never homie soft made
I'm active no off days and I got floss paid with music I caught babes
And I even caught gays before they all caught AIDS


(Verse 3: Tech N9ne)
I hit a pot of gold with the harder flow
You haters oughta know that we are the MO
This is my land you in my hand and you'sa particle
And I see you marvel with the fact I caught the Carter 4
So that means I caught Martians already
And you talk shit about that because often ya'll petty
And because you jelly sicklin' its costing ya'll bettys
To get tossed in our headache cuz we lost in tall fetty
Hey you catch the vapours cause Nina he catch hoes
And you non believers are funny people like Seth Rog
Better pay attention cause if ya simpin' ya get froze
And I'ma leave you with a wet nose when im rippin they catch colds