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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ MAYDAY
Album:  Welcome to Strangeland 
Song:   The Noose
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(Verse 1: Wrekonize)
Ive tried writing this letter now several times before
When the partys over and the liquor is no more
I tell now that living has become somewhat a chore
And following their rules is such a God forsaken bore
Now I say God because i'm programed but I believe in none
I see no interventions and I see no holy sons
And if i'm wrong then strike me down and break these breathing lungs
Just take the words reverse them back upon my evil tounge
Ive seen children arm eachother like its second nature sung
Just wanna watch the world burn and bang apon the drums
And that is why the music and the rhythme will live on
Cause chaos has a melody and death is like a song
I sing, sing out to the rafters I sing
Close this little chapter and I think
Is life is a disaster and it stinks
I'm trying to find a way to just sing
Sing out to the rafters I sing
Close this little chapter and I think
Is life is a disaster and it stinks
You see him trying to find a way out 
(Hook: Wrekonize)
What a world [x2]
I'm hanging up the noose now
Waiting for the end
What a world [x2]
I'm hanging up the noose now
Waiting for the end

(Verse 2: Tech N9ne)
I went to visit wounded soilders out at camp pendelton
And the cost of the missing limbs it meaned that is no love like wimbelton
When they sat before me young as hell
Look at me alcaldes like gentlemen
I'm thinking that the enemy took away their ability
To walk and to touch no way of rekindalin
What is now gone
Unless they got money like Forest and LT. Dan
The war if you in a dam they have no remorse and that any minute bam
That's fucked off
While we chillin on tour on the bus getting sucked off
Know a families greaving
Because war is receding
Their peeps and they cring their butts off
That's why I get so much
When I flow bust
While we got it so good
Cause it's so rough
But the young soliders who do exactly what they are told to do
Damn do exactly what they told to do
Defend their country and uphold the crew
But give my one and only soul for you
That's a hell of a job discription
I don't know if my gods with this one
But I guess it's the laws of sickman
Sending out youngins and they fall the victums
Of an evils klans plan
That's why I be saying dwam
Cause on 9/11 I realized our fate is in another mans hands
(Verse 3: Bernz)
When I see how my loved ones have left
I wonder how long I would I would fight
I wonder if I would give in and let the reaper lead me into night
See I got too much pride left 
My grandmother died too early
Reaching for moments more instead the cancer in her lungs took it from you
We drift, naturally like two ships in the roughest of seas
That's why this moments precious yet I'm too distant to feel it complete 
See these days I feel so disconnected
It gets harder to drop to my knees
I guess that's a side effect of living in generation XYZ 
Obsessed with pain and greed man I wish we were kids again
Things were simpler than 90s incidents 
Got me losing friends to the hands of violent men fast
Faster than speeding bullets whizzing down alley ways 
Abruptly I'm waking up from this haze 
But only to realize the world hasn't changed 
Suddenly I'm not even fazed
Y'all think it's the way we been raised? 
Fuck it I'm sitting right back in this haze 
Cause these kids are not to be my last today 
With a hope and a prayer put a rope in the air
But I'm just too scared 
Talking from the pressure will I rock this chest 
Swing back and forth and tempt death with a blank stare