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Artist: Tech N9ne
Album:  Vintage Tech
Song:   Be Jealous
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I'm just a young boy trying to get my money on
making music in KC
but mitch bade niggas want to hate Tecca Nina
and they wont stop fucking with me
so imma fuck wit niggas

Na na na na na you cannot fuck wit
that nigga Tech N9ne coming wit that rough shit
them niggas know that I deserve it when the heard it
have the nerve to say its nothing niggas so I got to bust it

(Be jealous) this is dedicated to all y'all haters
(be jealous) I see you watching me when I walked in the club
(Be jealous) this is dedicated to all mitch baders
(Be Jealous) you motherfuckers ain't showing tech nina no love

[Verse 1]
Fuck motherfuckers buck motherfuckers
there the pain come nigga wit a bang
I'm a killa better duck motherfucker what you standing on nada
what you plan to bone nada
what you plan to own nada
your shit done came and gone
blood sweat and tears nigga been about 15 years nigga
Ain't never been no fears nigga all I hear is cheers nigga
thats why I be in the bathroom wit bitches at maniacs
thats why them hoes in the club wit tech giving blow jobs in the back
how many niggas really wanna bust gums
how many niggas wanna become a was
fuck wit a nigga like Tech get a buzz
right thru the head and the grave is dug
mean mugs niggas ain't never seen love
so they stream blood when I fein bud for the green shrubs
in mushrooms I bust rooms open accustomed
to floating across the ocean wit verbal motion the notion
is boasting I'm poking jealous motherfuckers embellish
that you can say I ain't worthy for fame, biancs and relish

Be jealous when you see me on the tv screen wiling
Be jealous when you see me in the magazine smiling
Be jealous when they let me in the club for free niggas
Be jealous cause I'm bumming wit bitches around me
haha motherfucker haha
haha motherfucker haha
haha motherfucker haha
hella lit immo spit immo kick that shit

[Verse 2]
No more styling I'm start wiling on niggas growling on niggas
and we smiling cause the villain album went 6000 on niggas
in Kansas city alone you've kept the dough for mike and nitty alone
Midwest side Lejo milla man I love ya but it's a pity you're gone
niggas hating on mine cause they knowing imma do it big
thats why the tecca nina never ever got a problem getting a gig
cause I rip shit they like
I flip shit that make bite
when I spit shit I get rich quick I make hits for only they like
N9ne milla meter guns gonna be the one
making a million when I come
never gonna be the bomb where I come from niggas better get some
tried to be right to these niggas
tried to be nice to these niggas
so now its time for N9ne Godzilla to make mice of these niggas cha
you envy me cause your bitch play Tecca Nina all day
and you see me on MTV kicking it wit King Tech my nigga Sway
broke niggas ain't friends to me
you niggas really want me to disperse
aight ill leave but when I come back its gonna be 20 g's a verse nigga


[Verse 3]
Niggas better stop talking about me I ain't did shit
I don't rap against niggas
stop trying to get me to rap so y'all could make grip
Agony don't be speaking my name I know I fucked up
on a personal tip but if you niggas talking bout you better rap motherfuckers better duck
if any niggas over there on the inside
perpatratin on me and my rogues
them niggas don't give no fucks about how many Tech N9ne units sold
and if one of you bitch niggas is saying that I'm kicking at Lejos log
Lejo will tell you I'm original and by the way Lejo my dog
and the jealous motherfuckers wont quit
said the Calm Before the Storm ain't shit
we killed y'all in 96 97
but what about when a new shit hit
and I heard niggas said was washed up
said that tech n9ne flow was weak
thats probably why I got shit in the movies
like Thicker Than Water and In 2 Deep
tie you up and beat you down to a bloody pulp son
got my villains and me man enough to bust one
I'm the second coming but you don't know cause you dumb
before I go I'll tell you jealous motherfuckers to suck one