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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Jonathan Davis
Album:  The Storm
Song:   Starting to Turn
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Hummmmmm, hummmmmm
Turning, turning, turning, turning

[Tech N9ne]
I don't wanna do this anymore, stop
Tellin me that we can make it in a hell where it's gonna be many more shocks
Used to be I needed love, now I need about three or four shots
with another round just to hit it now, yes I'm messier than any gore plot
I am doin what the sick does, takin anything to get buzzed
'Stead of eatin with the family I'd rather get my dinner in a strip club
Not a evil that can rival me becomin even darker than a Crip slug comin to clip Bloods
Took the gentleman and put him underground like in Dig Dug
So long every day shit, there's no hope for we
Repetition kept us glitchin, your folks bore me
I'm turnin into what my lady provoked for she
never really knew inside of my brain havin hoe-soaked orgies

[Interlude: Jonathan Davis]
Do ya really wanna see
this thing that's turning in me?
Turning in me? NO!

[Chorus: Jonathan Davis]
I am, I am, I am liberating me, starting to turrrrrn
I didn't do it, got something to stir it up
I am, I am, I am liberating me, starting to turrrrrn
I couldn't see it but hatred is feeding it

[Tech N9ne]
Migraine, I'm bane, ain't nobody feelin my pain
Stupid women I blame so goodbye sane, I'ma fry my brain
Drugs I'ma try aim to deny shame and defy thy rain
Look into my eye mayne, I wanna fly gettin really high and die Strange
How do I describe you and I entropy?
Inside of me an entity turnin me into the portion of the identity
that you'll never know there, 'til my anger make a slow tear
Any beef wanna grow swear I eat it so rare, baby oh yeah
Take off yo' bitchness, that hate oh so it just
turnin me into the insane - playin all kind of sin games
Take it in like a ganja hit, you're the reason why the bomb was lit
Got me thinkin murder everything in sight, monster shit!


[Chorus] - 2X

[Jonathan Davis]

[Outro: Tech N9ne]
Wait for it... wait for it!
Drivin me crazy when you lie to me baby
You're drivin me crazy when you lie to me baby
Drivin me crazy when you lie to me baby
Will die than treat shady, might die if you play me!