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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Athena Pasutti
Album:  The Storm
Song:   Poisoning the Well
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[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Mm, mmmmmm
I know at first y'all ain't hear me
But in the end y'all gon' play

[Chorus: Athena Pasutti]
Poisoning the well, y'all gon' hear me
Oh yeah, your only fighter days
are only been goin through hell, so drink it up
With no filter, I give you my drama
So if you don't get it, don't get it
And then you won't live it, I'm livin
See I'm only as funky as my last cut
Don't blame my gifts and fill your glass up, yeah yeah

[Tech N9ne]
Sincerely! (Sincerely!)
Man I love this music thing severely! (Severly!)
But it seems some don't wanna feel me clearly! (Clearly!)
I'm the L in "salmon", they can't hear me! (Can't hear me!)
So I had to work up to not givin a fuck
But the people thought was evil
I was brought up at the steeple but they trust it not
But turn and tell a killer that he must kick rocks when he bust it lots
And you will get a couple in ya muffin top
Me poppin will be they D-day
Cause they can't say the shit he say
Everyone don't have a tongue like a gun
They not tryin to be runnin no relay
Sat in hell for a whole lot of years
Bread and tales, I got a whole lot of cheers
Sold out shows, so 'bout those
Foes doubt flows but bros oughta hear
Change in the makin
Deep in the Midwest somethin insane been a-bakin
And claimin a nation with brain innovations
Alignin with everyone with the Strange integration


[Tech N9ne]
Somethin strange in the agua
When everybody sound like blah-blah
Put the KOD in the pot and he nod
But the God no more rides, well Tecca Nina saga
Someway the killer is gettin twisted
into the mainstream, gangrene sick of hits again
I can flip from the rip, come and sip the sin
That's my dirty water worser than Flint, Michigan
They don't wanna see my progress
But you can't stop or tell if that's God blessed
Over the years I showed 'em with mine, I guess
To a handsome mansion and from the projects
Wayne Minor, insane kinda
In the brain I'm a +Strange+ rhymer
Always been a "change the game" grinder
Poison the well
You can tell that, this boy's been in Hell
I'ma joy when inhaled
I'm the reason why everybody cheesin, I got 'em even makin noise in the jail
If everybody had to do what I do
They'd have flows comin out the wazoo
And let the god spew
"Alaykum al-assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh"


[Outro: Tech N9ne]
Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Strange!
Something's strange and here it comes
And we ain't nearly done
{*gunshots, a woman screams, sirens*}
G. Zone nigga