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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Krizz Kaliko, Lace, Jr.
Album:  The Storm
Song:   No Runnin to Ya Mama
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[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Yeahhhh, you must be throw'd
You gon' make them thangs come up out that load
You ain't built like that but you talk so cold
Yeahhhhhhhh, we know!

[Tech N9ne]
Hurts now, purps found
cause a nigga squirt rounds
Actin like you wore a purse on turf grounds
How come his homies didn't tell him pull his skirt down?
Now look at ya
Loudmouth we found a round to match ya
Bound to smack ya, now the ground'll catch ya
Cause you frowned at the hounds and you found disaster!
He talkin hella shady
How I get it on the daily
They jelly 'bout my gravy
but they crazy cause they think I won't be bangin like the '80s
Your homie was a movie
So we dot him with the tooly
Got his family sick and woozy
Givin him the finger where Rodney O and Joe Cooley
They hot around the collar
Cause I got a lot of shotters
So don't nobody bother
If they try to then we stoppin they medulla oblongata
So be careful when you saucin
You could end up in the coffin
You better take precaution
When you see real niggaz crossin shut the fuck up when we talkin
If you get my killers heated
You'll be curled up like a fetus
All them words you're gonna eat it
Every fist and all the feet is never ceasin when you plead it
So I think you better comma
Or get lit up with the llama
K.C. all the way to Ghana
When you grown and start the drama ain't no runnin to ya mama nigga!

[Chorus: Lace, Jr. + (Krizz Kaliko)
No runnin to ya mama
When you caught up in the drama
No runnin to ya mama
When you caught up in the drama cause you did nobody honor
No runnin to ya mama
When you caught up in the drama
No runnin to ya mama
When you caught up in the drama cause you did nobody honor
(Oooooooooooh, way-oh-way-oh-way-oh-way-ohh)
(Way-oh-way-oh-way-oh-way-ohh, way-oh-way-oh-way-oh-way-ohh)
(Oooooooooooh, way-oh-way-oh-way-oh-way-ohh)
(Way-oh-way-oh-way-oh-way-ohh, way-oh-way-oh-way-oh-way-ohh)

[Tech N9ne]
We the boss players
In this, industry and not SEGA
Nigga we'll stop haters
We take 'em to the end and then it's "Biba Las Begas"
If you trippin y'all nuts
Cause we sick and all bust
So get the motherfuckin pineapple
The rum and the coconut and mix it all UP!
We comin from the ghetto
And we keep the heavy metal
So you suckers better settle
cause we turn a wolf and devil to a woman in stilettos
Cause they didn't really want it
They was only in the moment
Hella talkin, never on it
Had they chance and now they blown it cause the king was they opponent
He bit the hand that fed him
Run you over if you let him
All the homies wanna get him
Heard the words when he said 'em and I know that he regret 'em
Cause we be gettin money
And he be lookin bummy
So keep the coward from me
When you see me don't be chummy, muh'fuckin dummy
I know you can't stand me
But you know that we go HAM-y
Have you sleepin like a Xanny
Hit 'em with a super whammy when I cut 'em from the family
We in every nook and cranny
Hit you when you're in your jammies
When you're in your manny panties, see me and my brother Sammy
Ain't no yellin for your granny and no runnin to ya mammy nigga!