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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Big Scoob, Gary Clark Jr., Krizz Kaliko
Album:  The Storm
Song:   No Gun Control
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[Intro: Big Scoob]
You motherfuckers keep talkin about gun control
First off, I'm tired of bein controlled
I'm tired of you motherfuckers tryin to control me and mine
You better get yo' motherfuckin weapon cause motherfucker I got mine
And I'm not scared to use it, they not scared to use it
So motherfucker get prepared cause it's 'bout that time to prove it
We trapped off in these fucked up gutters, every day preparin for war
So motherfucker get ready for it, it's 'bout that time to even the score!

[Tech N9ne]
We on
If you ever test us we swarm
So the devilish best be warned
Reform these Don peons
Who keep a lot of artillery
They're takin all of the hate, apply it to race
Then innocents get a taste
So take a bullet to liberate off in the trigger state
We stock up to be with the free locked up
'til these pop up
When they tryna penetrate it we boss up
Don't wanna have to do it but indeed shot ya
How many more people gonna fall from this evil?
It'll never stop cause we don't care it's illegal
But the weapons charges violent fecal when the demon
is comin after you with a plan to deceive you!

[Chorus: Gary Clark Jr.]
Just because we carrying guns don't mean we wanna use 'em (shoot)
People abuse 'em, yeah we all losin
Look out (shoot) cause they all shootin
Uhh, hey, yeah everybody's shootin
Hey, you should be, scared of us
Ahh, they scared of us
Cause we out of control
We ain't got no gun control, hey

[Krizz Kaliko]
Feelin nervous
Got a little trouble on my mind (okay)
I can turn 'em right and around and turn a death fear to it
Not damn near do it (ah-huh!)
Think it's exposed
Just cause I'm saggin my clothes and taggin my toes
And beat the peace out of a peaceful nigga
Thanks for yankin the breaks off a gangsta, hate officers
Got a lot of mo', I got a lot of mo'
I see Trump's got a lot of votes
America's a salad bowl
And you can put the dressing on it, chop it up and fool a lot of folks
If it's comin my way
after trunk cause the Trumpers get carried away
And I'm thumpin my thumper cause gum bumpin
don't mean nothin here, people is out of control


{*guitar solo by Gary Clark Jr.*}

[Outro: Gary Clark Jr.]
Just because we carrying guns don't mean that we wanna use 'em
(Shoot) People abuse 'em, we all losin
Look out, hey (shoot) cause they all shootin
We ain't got no gun control, yeah
Hey, yeah, they scared of us
Look out, why? They all scared of us
Yeah savage, it's out of control, yea
We ain't got no gun control, hey