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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Krizz Kaliko
Album:  The Storm
Song:   The Needle
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[Tech N9ne]
I once said in a cypher of famous friends back in 2011
"Who do I catch?"
Outside of Technicians' tunneled Tech vision
At a point in time when dope, is the new whack
So it's safe to say "We're in Barney," says Cheadle
On the outskirts of our army, we scare people
But it's not for evil, up with hawks and eagles
But I'm lost and feeble wonderin if this restarts the needle
Look around, do you spot Tech
in front of 70,000 at RockFest?
By the way he won the crowd, does he got next
to infect the mainstream or sell a lot less?
God bless my core fans still around
We're here cause you held us down
Love the way that you love my sounds
But I'm still tryna break new ground

[Chorus One: Krizz Kaliko]
Feels like I could blow out a fire with one breath
Look at the sky and the sunset
Sing you a song to change the moooooooood
And, move mountains with my hands
But just don't understand
Why this needle just won't mooooooove!

[Tech N9ne]
Yes doin this for, yes doin this for
Yes doin this for profit and my pocket's one dimension
I wanna reach so many hearts and souls is my intention
Since 2001 is when I started my ascension
But in 2015 I went up just to get honorable mention
Makes me wanna end it, I get so offended
When they speak of genre-breakin but no N9ne is in it
or friended, I'm winded, my music's intrinsic
But it's kinda lookin like the needle ain't movin even when I did a killer with Kendrick
Jimmy Kimmel was splendid, four million attended
But when we were done it's like not one of them were mended
Maybe it's my image and large amount of grimness
My pen spits on them scripts, thinkin I'm on a sin trip and then skip
Rock on the range, we had 'em flockin for Strange
But it was a shocker when no rockers remained
When it came to the game where they claimed fame could get you big as The Beatles
Yeah we got it this far but I really wanna push that needle

[Chorus Two: Krizz Kaliko]
I could blow out a fire with one breath
Look at the sky and the sun'll set
Sing you a song to change your moooooooood
And, move mountains with my hand
But just don't understand
Why this needle just won't mooooooove!

{*guitar solo by Lucas Parker*}

[Tech N9ne]
Pardon me Lucas
I was blessed to do a song, with Marshall Mathers
I was thinkin when the MC's hear this, they hearts'll shatter
Cause the art's so radder than babblers with partial chatter
But the garble swagger actors win it all, but this? Not a chart no ladder, dark so daggered
Why do mega artists do this with me?
Man it make me feel so good when they all really do skip the fee
Slipknot, System Of A Down, Deftones, Doors got a few hits with T
But the one thing that makes me wanna say screw this and flee
Man I did it all this when music is free~!

[Chorus Two]

[Tech N9ne]
Now they gonna say "Poor N9ne, please, you're fine
Cause you made it to the Forbes List 'bout at least four times"
But since I wrote my first rhyme it's been war time
To get the masses to see this talent deserves more shine
So this year I sat, at my very first Grammy's
Me and my partner Travis watchin my peers go HAM-y
I thought about all the awards these folks should hand me
Man I swear I'd disappear if it wasn't for fans, and family {*echoes*}

{"STRANGE, Music!"}