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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Krizz Kaliko
Album:  The Storm
Song:   The Long Way
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[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Tech Nina, let's get it

[Tech N9ne]
Mama told me get it and I did
Make a beautiful livin for my kids, man I'm really in love with my gig
Wasn't always known I couldn't take the throne until I raced for home and I slid
From L.A. was flown where I live (K.C.) brother Yates was grown in my biz (yeah)
When I couldn't even afford Reebok's, it was Payless shoes and holy socks
Then I started to earn G knots, screamin "F.T.I." on TV spots
Livin the lovely life we chose, still I'm livin it by a street code
Pain and poverty put these flows in beast mode, here we go!
The road to my success from here was not a block away
On the coast they told me I'ma part with Travis, not today
We just wanted what's hot to play, but they gave me no slot to slay
Even though I'm not Lecrae every day Tecca Nina would drop to pray
On my knees in a cot, there was multiple beds in my spot
So let the champagne pop, everybody feelin my gang gain lots
Took a lot of hard work to get guap, when you comin from a scarred turf could be stopped
From the hurtful dirt to the top, yeah we gonna celebrate today cause we got

[Chorus 2X: Tech N9ne]
Let the song play (we got it)
Cause we done came a long way (we got it)
They know we get that grown pay (we got it)
Now they mess with me the long way (we got it)
The long way

[Krizz Kaliko]
Ohhhh, Kali!
Too big and too ugly, would you ever love me?
Every city we visit, we get it, but people they look at us funny (ah-huh)
I feel like I'm way too fat but what I'm packin is makin them kitties get after him
They hearin me flippin and rip the back up out the track then the tracks in the back of 'em
Applause, applause, now we sell it enough to get our house and our cars up
Gotta get them bars up to be part of the upper echelon and hit the stars up
And we did it (okay) me and Nina stay committed to our art; we always doin our part
And we get it (okay) and we knew we gettin the cheese or we seizin our G's up, Jesus
Only breakin from makin 'em rock, they pushin manure, been makin the block
Inducin I'm cool when I'm oozin, I'm cruisin the planet, they think I'm fakin a lot
I gotta get to the money, gotta get to the money and they think I'm makin a lot
I'm keepin a millimeter pilly under the tummy for dummies if they wanna plot
New money I ain't tryin to save (ah-huh) cause I just made it (okay)
Look at my royalty state (ah-huh) thank God for the ones who gave it
Lots of props for the ones who made it (okay)
Cause this road ain't paved, I'm sippin 'til I'm elevated, we made it
So we gon'


[Tech N9ne]
Yeah, we started this Strange Music in Trav's basement
Now we gonna have a fifth Strange building because we had patience
And I got all these mass payments with a mad cadence
Kill it when I rip it up, I'm makin 'em listen, not pickin me up and I never have a cash cravin
We appreciate this, so we create hits
See me lay this, inebriated, and we be faded, indeed we stay lit
From the oddest, to people listen and look at me Godish
Not a time for Nina to be modest, people celebrate with me cause we got it