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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Kate Rose
Album:  The Storm
Song:   Hold On Me
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[Chorus: Kate Rose]
Give me some of that good stuff I need, so much
I can't handle life, without it it's become my crutch
I don't need anything else
I'm just gonna use it for myself
Been cravin it tonight so it's good, I've got plans
Soon I'll be flyin, oh so high

[Tech N9ne]
All my life whenever I got into a relationship
Couldn't take the naggin of women, never be takin tips
When they said I needed just one of 'em in my stable
But never would I listen, I wasn't able
They say to me, "I know you got other chicks, and I'm sick of this shit
You think I'm asleep when you go sneak away for a bit
I hear you talkin to her, why do you treat me like this?
Why do you make it so hard to admit?"
Player would never show his hand, I become somethin they can't stand
In the long run they on one, our song's done
Get they bags and they bounce
And they say I'm sick and need a little counselin
"You are the king, but don't know how to treat a queen
I hear the words you speak about her when you dream, thought that we were a team
How could you let her intervene?" Guess you got me
Really got some feelings for this one, you can't stop me


[Interlude: Kate Rose]
Cause it will have its hold on me
Her blood is coursin through my veins
I need to hold on tight
Just let it, take the reigns

[Tech N9ne]
Don't get in the game, if there's a feelin you can't hang
Women tell me that I should be loyal to one dame
It's a shame, they say I'm a playa and I never change
I remain, how we start out the same
"And I can never get with it, you can give it to whomever wanna get it
Now that I'm seein vivid you come at me I'ma pivot
And get up out of your room, treat me like a buffoon
I can see you love her to the moon"
I cannot lie I'm hella busted, they say I can't be trusted
I ain't got time to love shit
But this does it, lovin her even when out in public
Goes with me wherever I tug it
"I'm really done with you, yes I had a lot of fun with you
But your many will soon be none with you, so what you gonna do?"
It's only one and without it I might lose it
I cannot keep a woman cause time with my music

[Chorus] w/ minor variations

[Interlude] - distorted vocals