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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Adrian Truth, Boyz II Men, Krizz Kaliko
Album:  The Storm
Song:   Buddha
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[Intro: Boyz II Men] + (Krizz Kaliko)
One, two, three, four five
Six seven, eight... N9ne
(Inhale it, baby)

[Chorus: Boyz II Men] + (Tech N9ne)
Bud-dha, I'm soooooo high (so high, I'm so high)
Bud-dha, I'm soooooo high

[Adrian Truth]
So hiiiigh

[Tech N9ne]
And I ain't talkin about no meditation, just medication

You got yo' vape, you got yo' brownies, you got yo' taffy
You got that shuttle to blast me, the grassy zipped tight in a baggie
Then we'll try it, be the highest, man I quit now cannabis and I is reunited
Be delighted, we goin to see the itis, if you wanna chop and we the deficit, legalize it
K.C. get with that, we hit the sack, that don't mean sleep in the fat sheets wit'cha cat
Talkin 'bout keef in the pack, or havin the heavenly hellish heap of the hashish, then attract
peace tweakin for stacks, feastin and we cheesin cause we in the act
With a couple of beautiful beezies spin a rack
and I'm dancin at the krilla with the chronic leaf in the bag
If you got it, you gotta let one more soul invade yo' camp
It's a pot of gold and you gotta know I'm gon' score them pesos, champ
I'm so peaceful, the haters wanna come throw doors and they so can't
Puffin on buddha, that's my "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" chant

[Chorus] - 2X

[Adrian Truth - over Chorus]
Ooh you know I'm so high, yeahhhh
Mmm, so
So hiiiigh, mmmmm

[Tech N9ne]
And I ain't talkin about no meditation, just medication

Had a party at the krilla, my brother Makzilla got a big group of schillas{?}
that are ready to heal us and about to feel us cause they diggin for millas and admire the skrilla
But of course I'm gonna get the bold one that got up the courage to wanna roll one
She chippin and choppin like she's a shogun, it's twisted, it's loaded, then we blow some
I'm trippin, she trippin, I make a decision to run to the kitchen with a cottonmouth mission
Got a hazy condition, this lady's position was pay me for the spliff and then maybe submission
Too high to try and turn crazy on, the way she came off it was shady, wrong
I got many people that gave me zongs, told that Bianca, "Away! Begone!"
Leave us, we keep bud and nobody gotta see ya
Comin cheaper than a Totino's pizza, that sound good when I'm puffin on the reefer
After workin I be chokin in my leisure, somethin about it make the Nina wanna please a diva
Lookin for somethin to come and ease ya, you can bet on the killer cannabis sativa


[Adrian Truth - over Chorus]
Buuud-dha, yeah
Ooh you know I'm so high

Pass it among us, dab-dab if you wanna blast
Pass it among us, dab if you wanna
Pass-pass it among us, dab-dab like you really should
Yeah you know my buddha stash keep me feelin good

[Chorus] - 2X

[Adrian Truth - over Chorus]
Yeah you know I'm so hiiiiigh
Soooooo high yeah yeah
Yeah you know I'm so hiiiiiiiiigh
So high
Right now, baby