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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Big Scoob, Young Devi D
Album:  The Storm
Song:   Buss Serves
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[Tech N9ne]
Started with the blow and went to flows
Listen to me tell my gutter story and it goes

When I was 19
I went to go live with my auntie and noticed she had nice things
The furniture and, all of her clothes quite clean
To never be workin a 9-to-5 she ran a ice cream, team
She put me on, am I wit it? Si-mon
Stay remarkably grown, that's why my pockets be long
Ducked some Feds, dumped packs and then got custom threads
From servin boofas in K.C. we say "Let's buss some heads, nigga"
In French Village I went 'til it got the rent billing
Got so heavy I no longer benched skrilla was a cinch, still I had to Vince Neil it
Yell in a microphone and write the songs they like, it's on
I let go they life worth of pipe is blown to flowin ignite my home
I used to, buss serves, now I, buss words
Either way slangin or sangin, whatever life I'ma just splurge
We had the spot though until it really got hot so
Escape I did like El Chapo, but Nueve still get faded vato

[Chorus: Young Devi D] + (Tech N9ne)
Yeah yeah, I pull up, pull up, yea, bussin serves
I pull up, pull up, yea, bussin serves
Young nigga chasin that bag, I pull up bussin serves
Young nigga pull up, pull up, yea, bussin serves
(Commas - either way I'ma be stackin it)
(On my mama - makin my milli from rappin it or) bussin serves!
(Commas - either way I'ma be stackin it)
(On my mama - makin my milli from rappin it or) bussin serves!

[Big Scoob]
On my mama nigga pull up, I'm bussin serves
But you won't find me nickel-and-diming, man I'm off the curb
Prolly find me somewhere rhymin, man this flow's absurd
Or maybe find me on my grimy where the pot is stirred
Either way I'm 'bout my pay, I'm tryna stack up my dollars
Whippin the chowder, stompin the powder, dumpin it louder, soldier for louder
Connected to a vato, jefe, head honcho
El Chapo with the hot flows, still logged in with the block though
Anything to make the knot grow, push a nigga, push it all bro
Pussy pills to that Pablo, in dark or night nigga I glow
Old nigga with the bag bro, silly nigga with the mag though
Be careful what you pussies ask fo', I'm airin out one of you assholes
Real shit but the paper quit when the violence hit, nigga beep it bool
Shit bricks and quick licks turned meal ticks, nigga beep it bool
Out here hungry chasin food, all in, refuse to lose
Bussin serves or bussin words, ask about me, I'm that dude


[Young Devi D]
Go; I got my mind on my money, money on my mind
It's just somethin 'bout them hundreds, when you thumbin through them signs
I quit fuckin with them niggaz, cause they ain't wan' shine
And that's all I'm tryna do, it's why I grit, it's why I grind
I pull up bussin serves nigga all at the trailer parks
I talk money fluent, they ain't teach it in language arts
And that nigga's street smart, reflex razor sharp
Don't fall in love with me baby, I'm just gon' break your heart
Smash through the city, like the fuckin "Transporter"
I got film of your bitch, on my camcorder
Had to show it to my homies, this right here my life mayne
Hit a lick for 30, lose 20 in a dice game
Fuck it man it's nothin, I swear to God it's nothin
I tried down that sucka but I paralyzed his cousin
Oops fuck it, oops fuck it, that come with the pop-off
You my son's son lil' nigga, call me papa