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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Marsha Ambrosius
Album:  The Storm
Song:   Anywhere
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[Intro: Marsha Ambrosius]
Any-anywhere but here (where but here)
I'd rath-I'd rather be anywhere, anywhere (anywhere)
Any-anywhere but here

[Tech N9ne]
Question, anybody ever feel
that some people around you claim to be solid but ain't real?
In relationships, business, family, in the end it's about they bills
And everyone of 'em wanna cheat and steal, time for me to have no chill
Come and get ya meals and they really will with zeal
All is needy, y'all is greedy, I'm fallin freely
This gonna be scoggin me, we brawlin easy, had a lawman seize me
Get the hell on stay, what ya gonna do but I bet you fail on pay
Loved ones exude hella rude when it used to be smooth like the face of Janelle Monae
She's got the glee stopped, I'm in a pit of animals really makin me bleed lots
Fatigue, I wanna leave then my knee dropped, when I breathe not cause she needs guap
So extract me from this place full of hate that'll tax me
Pass the sack cause I'm tryna get to happy, exactly people are feedin, they call me nasty at me

[Interlude: Marsha Ambrosius]
Sometimes I just wanna fly away
Sometimes I just wanna leave the sky

[Tech N9ne]
Listen, they don't love you no mo', th-th-they discover yo' flow
But I'm feelin my fans tryin to shudder don't slow, leavin the clown now, I'm nothin but a +Bozo+
to 'em, give my all in my sessions, I never thought that I would fall in regression
The music business now we call it recession, we bawl and we stressin cause y'all is divestin
I feel it, when I ought to be top of these where the hip-hopper be
And The Rock put me, at the forefront but galore won, nothin but the 'Pac could be hypocrisy
They forgot about the prophecy that I keep the lock and key
But they talkin "He soft" and flee now they wanna coffin me
Y'all can be treacherous, I'm the best at this effortless
But with Tech it's been deficits, wanna fly away like a Pegasus
I feel like the scare is near, they don't care that Tech share his tears
At this moment, at this point in time I'd rather be anywhere but here

[Chorus: Marsha Ambrosius]
I'd rather be anywhere, anywhere (anywhere)
Anywhere but here (I wanna do this by myself!)
I'd rather be anywhere, anywhere (anywhere)
Anywhere but here (here, here)




[Tech N9ne]
I'm sure to be, at this rate, a nigga that fades into obscurity
I can't take bein treated like an amateur, this is impure to me
In closin, it's messed up when you know you one of the chosen
But you can't have a show when nobody rose and all the people go when everything's frozen

Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly
Far far, far away from here
Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly
Far far, far away from here