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Artist: (Tech N9ne f/) Darrein Safron, Mackenzie Nicole
Album:  Strange Reign
Song:   Whatever You Want
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[Intro: Darrein Safron]
Yeahhhh, na-na naaa, oooh
Ooooooooh, yeah, listen up listen up

[Mackenzie Nicole]
I've been thinkin about you, ohh
All the ways you pull me in every time
Oh you got this hold on me
Cause you know that I, I just wanna be yours
Ohhhh, just say my name
Tell me and I'll go anywhere you want me to
I'm not playing games
Baby and you know it's true
And you can

[Chorus: Mackenzie Nicole]
You can say - whatever you want
You can do - whatever you want
And I promise you, well - whatever you want
Ohh I'll give you - whatever you want

[Darrein Safron]
Yeah, ay
Whatever she want, know she want love but the love ain't enough
If I end up with you out of all these girls in this club
Can you promise me somethin? Real as Vice up on "Gangland"
Real as 9-to-5 minimum wage, Paula Abdul with no spray tan
Girl, money somethin most of these relationships don't pay well
I been on my +Own Thang+ and that's fuckin word to JL
I'm not perfect neither, I could tell you 'bout some things now
But like mint condition there ain't nothin left to say now
And I can let it be if I could be myself
Closed mouths don't get fed so I feed myself
You see the smoke and mirrors with your life blunt
Hard to believe that I could get whatever I want


[Darrein Safron]
Girl I wanna see you
Hit me on my line I'll slide
Shawty do not give me fake real life
Reality TV
And I will give you, whatever you want
Just tell me there's somethin you want, from meeeee
Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh