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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Krizz Kaliko
Album:  Strange Reign
Song:   Stick It In
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[Tech N9ne]
I just wanna stick it in...
I know it sounds sickenin...
Bet I make it feel good...
I put that on the Vill' hood
Get up on this and you bouncin, you know my youth is the fountain
Do this right and I'm announcin, you will be countin money mountains
Cause they give a lot of paper, to the one that move the shakers
You will accumulate haters when they find they women wanna taste ya!
I'ma be the biggest, thing up in ya cranium, I give it
to you when you want it, I can dig it, haters they be livid
Cause I'm 'bout to get it all
She want the Tech, T want the neck, bouncin I stretch and I flex
What I possess is a threat, those who ain't with me upset, cause I get it wet

[Chorus: Krizz Kaliko]
They don't be talkin 'bout nothin, you know I knew
I be pushin them buttons, when I give it to you
We don't need no discussion, I don't be frontin
I know what they want, take what I got
And put it in your head
I just wanna stick it in your head
Let me put it in your head
I just wanna stick it in your head
Now let me stick it in (yep)

[Tech N9ne]
People, really think it's evil, when I put it up in the cerebral cortex
Your bet is to know I am makin galore chicks, wanna be givin me even more sex, ayy
Up up in the whore nest, ayy, better give it your best, ayy
Cause I'm gonna absorb it, of course I got the force to put the bitches in orbit, ayy
Each one wanna have a D one, when the beat drums stick it where they pee from
Become, a Tecca Nina legion wishin my D up in the V givin me some
Cause I'm drivin 'em crazy, when I'm rappin amazing I'm havin the ladies
thinkin they want Nina stabbin the labia, I'm so good they wanna be havin a baby
T fetish, she get it, and be wantin me to wet it
He regretted, he fed it, wishin that he never ever let it in
I am the medicine, you hatin, don't you do that again
Ain't nobody better than, Tech Nina, baby your head is spent
Go take Excedrin (Excedrin)


[Tech N9ne]
See me cometh, she got it in
but her friends let him in cause I sin
When they wanna flee from it, then with a grin
I begin to get in to the skin
With the pen then again I be winnin, her friend
wanna spin, Tech and them be the crème de la crème
with the gems, look at him, he pretends to be zen
When his grim hella dim swingin limbs for the brims (yeah!)
Shit! I don't wanna say nothin else
But, my rhythm make your lady fuckin melt
Nuts, know that Nina and they know the wealth
What! And what they want is right below the belt (out)

[Chorus] w/ minor variations