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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Big Scoob
Album:  Strange Reign
Song:   Let's Link
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[Tech N9ne]
If you don't drink much
If you wake up and you don't think bucks
If you ain't tryna smoke the green stuff
If you the opposite of these let's link up
I ain't fuckin with you, if you ain't livin driven
No matter how much dirt you diggin even if you is in prison
If you stay on a mission in the kitchen whippin chickens
If you a miss who love gettin dickin's and diggin thizzin
If you a money maker, and not a funny faker
Bunny chaser, but you're behavior is a heart and tummy ache-er
If you got spit, hot for really, you don't pop shit
And stop lips, the cops scripts not, when a nigga on the block tip
If you ain't a bitch thank ya, and you really want gangsta shit bang to this
If a nigga ain't soft like a hankerchief, drank a sip
If you wanna come get the money quickly and I'm talkin Brinks grip
If you wanna hunny me and not a dummy with me, let's link bitch

[Chorus: Big Scoob]
You can miss me with that bullshit, pussy nigga
And I can't hear them suckas talkin 'less they talkin figures
And I ain't checkin for no broke ass bad bitch
Keep your pussy, keep it movin over there bitch
Money getters turf gorillas over here bitch
Far from sucka never trippin over nann bitch
I'm allergic to these suckas, never had shit
Either hate me or you love me with a bag bitch

[Tech N9ne]
If you fed up with the bullshit, with the pulpit
If you're fed up with the bully at school, sick of your enemy and wanna let the tool spit
If you rule shit, and run with a cool clique
who gets everybody zooted, woo chicks, makin 'em lose it
If them fools rich, and takin group pics
of huge chips on Instagram, tempt them into go move quick
To make them dudes trip, put the milli on the loose lips
If you the nigga with the Ruger spitter and you're 'bout to come up on a true lick
If you fuck with Tech N9ne in this hoe
And if you always wanted to see him rhyme at a show
So if he bring that greenery and wine in the do'
Baby girl if you get naked and waste no time then you blow
Let's go


[Tech N9ne]
If a sucka don't fit you, if you never be slippin without a pistol quick to
run up on a nigga that try to diss you, too bitch to say that if you Pit bull then he a Shih Tzu
If you, like it insane, and you ain't with the norm, you with Strange
And you ain't with them stupid petty games that motherfuckers play tryna mess with your brain
Yeah, if you ain't a stink butt
If you in the name fuckboy, never synced up
If your mama nem didn't raise a cream puff
If you swing cuts, that have they dreams crushed
If you a bad bitch, and you inked up
If you ain't faulty and never have a nigga JINXED up
If we broke and you would help me rob a BRINKS truck
Then give a CLEAN fuck, baby let's link up