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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Big Scoob, Darrein Safron
Album:  Strange Reign
Song:   Let Go
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[Big Scoob]
Struggle make you humble as a muh'fucker, hungry as a muh'fucker
Perception is a bitch but the truth is a muh'fucker
Tired of you muh'fuckers, tired as a muh'fucker
Ready to load a clip and get to bustin in this muh'fucker
Lately I've been on some other type of shit
Tryin to find some light in this, searchin for enlightened shit
Exorcising demons every evening I've been fightin with
Yard full of broken bottles, fightin not to take a swallow
Fully-loaded clip I'm 'bout to flip and get to dumpin hollows
Now e'rybody excited and I'm ready, I'ma die to win
Head first I'm divin in, anybody fuck a friend
A word with no meanin so I'm plottin and I'm schemin
I'm so done with this dreamin, dyin slow and barely breathin
Ain't no future in this bullshit, rappin or the street life
Carvin my intestines and deception is the dull knife
Switchin my direction, want perfection and a new life

[Chorus: Big Scoob]
High prices on the blow, let go
So it's hard to get dough, let go
Tried to run up in my pad, tryna hit me for my cash
So I doom-doom-doom, had to let go
Sick and tired of this shit, let go
Old homie turned snitch, let go
Homies brought it to the light, read it all in black and white
Like ohhh no, had to let go

[Darrein Safron]
G shit, my jeans ripped
My homies hold double XL magazine clip
The heat spit like loose teeth, the kid kick like Bruce Lee
Y'all false as Bloods that bleed Crip, on that weak shit
I'm 2-3, ballin but I peep shit
This for anybody that say that I'm on some sweet shit
Th-this is for the "Darrein is just too R&B" shit
This one for the money cause y'all always on some free shit
I'm from the city with a system of poverty
I've seen my homies go from ride-or-die to a rivalry
I've seen these hoes loyalty turn into a robbery
Like God, can you please bless these hoes with more honesty?
B-but trust me I tried it before
They say my city on fire like the devil horn
I been talkin to God, he don't hear me though
Sometimes I just wonder should I let it gooooo


[Tech N9ne]
E'rybody hungry, e'ry night we on three
Aaron fight the Fahrenheit of very triflin homies
When they starin right before me like they care but they parasites and only
want a rare bite of millionaire Rice-A-Roni
On yo' nose, the flare light is there like a Hongi
Lead your layered life to lonely
Nigga you best leave my premises, you don't wanna be my nemesis
I'ma put it on the B-I-B-L-E (DIE) then I read my Genesis
Nigga I train and I train for when they aim for my change
At the range ain't a thang, they know my name and it's Strange
Leave your brains on the terrain, dead if he came for the games
Not to explain but me and my dame keep a thang and it bangs!
A-ket-ket-ket-ket-ket-pooh-pooh-pdddit nigga, takin the livin to necro
They never knew Missouri killers would be hillbillies like Jethro
Bodine, slept slow, codeine, I'm so mean like Destro
And I got the green like a gecko, and I'ma never let go - of it!