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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Delynia Brown, Crystal Watson
Album:  Strange Reign
Song:   Happen
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[Intro: Tech N9ne] + (Crystal Watson)
Hard workers get the last laugh (ha ha ha ha ha)
Yeah, and you can't go get it, by sittin on yo' ass
(You gotta be ready to get up and go~!)

[Tech N9ne]
People think the wrong way
when you're workin and won't play, callin my phone I won't say
nothin when they be huffin and puffin
but I know fuckin off a day it just won't pay
Not a damn thing, wanna be a damn king
Might have to run and jump over the bumps and push 'til you pull a hamstring
For real, that's cause I'm movin my feet, you don't work you don't eat
So when I don't respond I ain't sleep
I be givin the day a lot of me and I'm in deep
Concentration, contemplatin compensation support
in my obligations, my creations while I'm facin divorce
And I'm makin moves, constantly shakin fools
I can't be late and lose, no workin with fakin dudes
Movin quick and I'm jolly, it ain't because of molly
I'm workin to move ya body, then racin my bitch to Bali
Catch me I'm in the zone, I don't answer my phone
Steady writin my songs, if you're next to me I'm gone, gone, gone
My head's rappin, always thinkin of stackin
While you slackin and yappin we tryin to make somethin happen

[Chorus: Tech N9ne] + (Crystal & Delynia)
(Nigga we workin!)
We just - push it
Tryna make somethin
(Happen happen, happen happen, happen happen, happen)
(Yeah we workin!)
We just - push it
Tryna make somethin
(Happen happen, happen happen, happen happen, happen - ahhh)

[Tech N9ne] + (Crystal & Delynia)
We ain't workin, she ain't twerkin, that's gonna mean the scene ain't jerkin
We the first to see the thirst and get, sex
Cause we see the purse then reimburse 'em, when they be squirtin D and burstin
me in person, reinsertion Tech's, flesh
So don't call me like "Where you been?" You don't know cause you not within
my circle of friends, a nigga workin again, I gotta get them ones, tens, yen
Gotta get the almighty dollar for a gift that called by the father
Better yet when I gotta move on like alrighty mama - huh, huh, yeah
Niggaz be tellin me "I think you sellin me dreams," embellishin when I say other things
When I say yes, I'ma do what I say but the Nina got somethin to do every day
Don't got time to shoot the shit cause I got a whole lot of love and loot to get
Actin like you's a bitch on my phone, I'ma do you like a vampire knockin the crucifix, ahh
(Lahhh lahhhh lahhh) I ain't tryna hear nothin
When I'm deep in work bustin my butt, anybody callin me fussin I'm duckin
(Lahhh lahhhh lahhh) If you ain't talkin 'bout gettin it
This is what I'm gonna say if I pick up my phone and you hittin it


[Tech N9ne] + (Crystal & Delynia)
You (you) got (got)
the (the) nerve (nerve)
to (to) say (say) we (we) stay (stay)
Sleepin (sleepin) slippin (slippin) simpin (simpin, yeah you trippin!)
Everybody 'round me work a tour or somethin just so they can afford somethin
like islands and buyin much real estate - yeah, yeah, nigga
I ain't got time for your nonsense ever since mom went
A little fond of me I got a few bill to make - yeah, yeah, nigga
Please get up off of my line, leave, you ain't crossin my mind
When I'm deep in these pages; what I'm doin is freakin outrageous
With the Pinky and the Brain (tryin to take over the world)
When you're clingy and you're lame (cryin like you take balls over girls, man)
They say I act like I'm too good
Way up in the clouds but Nina started in the hood
Leave me 'lone boy, they be callin my phone like "What you doin? Yo Nina!"
We doin NOTHIN but Strange, Slcket and K-Lean Cocina


{"Strange Reign, Strange Reign, Strange Reign, Straaange Reeeign"}
{"Slowww dowwwwn"}