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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Jay Trilogy, JL, Joey Cool
Album:  Strange Reign
Song:   Cold Piece of Work
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{"Strange Reign 2017"}

[Intro: JL]
They treat my bid'ness like it's soda
Or my music like a Perc'
They know my flow is the yola
That's a cold piece of work

That's dope nigga, what you call a buzz once you caught a buzz
I'll make you feel like you was on all the drugs
All the drugs, drugs, I got all the plugs
A-a-all this was to satisfy the customers
It'll hit you different dependin on what we pay you
Pop it then the check the purity side effects of it fatal
Now you know that when you blow niggaz wanna know what they pay you
Fo sho'; n-n-noses in my bid'ness like it yayo!
Whippin like it's crack and can't relax, it's like we drug dealers
Or sit in psyche a sack, I'm servin sinkin this and sink with nerves
Hook 'em like it's smack is what they slappin when they get the urge
Keep 'em comin back, we push these packages to listeners

[Chorus: JL]
They treat my bid'ness like it's soda
Or my music like a Perc'
They know my flow is the yola
That's a cold piece of work
That's dope nigga, that's dope nigga
That's dope nigga, that's dope nigga, that's dope!
They know my flow is the yola
That's a cold piece of work

[Tech N9ne]
T9X is what they sniffin when Tech Nina get to spittin
My position is give 'em a hell of a addiction
On these scripts and they be itchin, for the good dope that I be dishin
out for the listenin, that's why I'm constantly cookin off in the kitchen (cheah!)
Nigga I'm Mr. Molly, when Nina's shit hits her body
It takes her and gets her naughty, fella mixed it with liquor prolly
She'll love you and lick your lolly, takin me is her hobby
She flippin through my discography nigga; then she swallow me nigga!
Buss serves on them bitches steady searchin for the sickness
If you want it Nina zonin with the quickness
Shit is real not ficticious, all the wishes for the bomb, you can get it
from the Don P, I'll daze you like a whippit, nigga I'm addictive~!

[Chorus] - first 6 lines

[Interlude: Tech N9ne]
I'ma let two of my young gunners work this motherfucker
Jay Trilogy, and Joey Cool, go!

[Jay Trilogy]
OK I've been takin my time since 8th grade, you niggaz been havin it easy
for the past six years, don't believe me? Motherfucker wait 'til I release my CD
I'm a, +Cold Piece of Work+
They tryna find a cure for me but I'm pure disease, I'm infectin the industry first
Ain't nobody safe from me, bitch I'm great, I'm not the plug but I got that work
Bitch don't try to test me, I got verses
that could put everybody in a hearse if I feel they deserve it
I'm only 19 but be warned, my flow's so dope a motherfuckin fiend would avoid
Heard about this shit on the street givin niggaz instant OD, oh Lord
So you just caught a glimpse and you low-key high as a bitch, don't trip
I'ma try to fix this shit, if I go too hard you might just flip your shit
So take a few deep breaths while I inject infectious rhythm in yo' system
Have you bouncin through the roof, catch a groove if you with it
Ay, askin me if I think I'm the GOAT, OK I admit it
I see the future and that's all that is in it, I put in the work so I know I'ma get it
You diggin a ditch for yourself if you step to the kid, give a fuck about wealth
Give a fuck about numbers, a fuck about y'all
I will eat you alive and that's straight from the heart
In a rock and a hard place, help me get it ever, broke as a bitch and I need that cheddar
Mozzarella and the provolone, et-cetera, I don't really know which one is better
of the three, and I don't give a fuck just hand it over
I ain't ever goin back to my day job, when I quit man I quit for a lifetime
Called my old managers over tell him, "Man I told ya"
I'm worth more than gold and I know that shit
Tryna put me on a payroll, hold my dick
I'm doin what most of the world fears every day
That's a +Cold Piece of Work+, better fix your face when you're mentionin Jay

[Joey Cool]
If you ain't never heard of Coolie you 'bout to get the connection
I'm narcotic, pharmaceutical, potent anti-depressant
I alleviate what antidotes heal and aging what's stressin
I'm like Lucy in the sky with the diamonds my effervescence is infectious
Most definitely, deathly defiant
I'm a motherfuckin giant, a tyrant, a modern pirate
I might throw a fuckin party next Friday, you're all invited
Mr. Molly said he might be attendin, bitch get excited!
Lace booth with the rhyme skills, I don't even need the lights on
So dope that I'm like pills, Burna cut the fuckin mic on
Coolie Baby, I been rockin with the nigga hella tatted with the ice on
Gold teeth with the gold chains, +Own Thang+, got the hood, I'm home
Put the swank on a nigga real quick, you are at the bottom of the see-saw
Bank on a nigga bein mines, goin back and forth like it's ping-pong
Stay with me get you realigned, this'll be divine, it's a theme song
Godzilla be up on the punishment and I'ma slap the shit up outta King Kong
See the team strong, I been choppin and talkin with Nina, he told me I'm ready
Aim at the target, the scope on the lock on this bitch and I'm holdin it steady
Takin precaution I'm deadly, bumpin that good "Everready"
Shit is so down it's steady, fuck it I'm Joey Andretti