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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ King ISO
Album:  Strange Reign
Song:   Bad Juju (Preview) *
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* this track is only a 0:45 preview

{"Tech N9ne - Planet, 2018"}

[Tech N9ne]
This is, tribal, stick his, rival
in the mouth with a right blow then he get this, pyro
Young punk better lie low somewhere probably up in Cairo
with a Bible when a psycho, wanna give a hater lypo
when the knife go with the quickness, you so full of bitchness
You trip flippin on chicks but a B-boy make him wanna shit bricks
This is, vicious
Everything out yo' lips is ficticious, hehe
Misses made me mad as Mozzy, huh
Man the motive must been made of molly, huh
Milli maximize a mess, man a mind of Malcolm X
And a martyr man whose mom is Maude, huh
Better be cool, I'ma lead you to the B fools that'll greet you
with a blacca-blacca-blacca, leave you in a coffin often talkin fecal..

{"STRANGE, Music!"}
{"Strange Reign"}