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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Tonesha Sanders & Jessica Slankard
Album:  Seepage EP
Song:   Bite Me
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(Intro: Tech N9ne & Jessica Slankard)
Tech N9ne: mmmmm u feel it?
Some girl: awww ya
Tech N9ne: Grrr....grrr...grrrr
Some girl: bite me...harder...harder...harder
(Verse 1: Tech N9ne)
She don't even know
Lil' mean girl
Get carried away and bite her to let her blood stream flow
Accidentally leave her cold el nino
Pinot noir gushing outta this teen hoe
At 19 should'nt be so damn freaky
But they on it
And they want it
Hit them split
Then leave em leaky
But this particular chick poonani's think and beefy
Rich and seepy
Oh yes I have a female animal beneath me
She all in it then she told a nigga to bite her neck
I'm excited cause the gush will give my nut the right effect
But where will I hide a set of double Ds
It I try to get her jugular open
I'm gonna keep with the pokin'
Have to really be strokin' her all night
I'm wet sunk my teeth in
Bitches in heat send me over the top they goet hot
Then I gotta bring the beast in
She knows not what she ask or what this night be
This might the day that she die cause she told an animal to...
(Hook:Jessica Slankard) 2x
Bite  me 
Excite me
Just bite me
Not lightly
I hope the scar is forever
Baby im getting wetter
The harder the better