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Artist: Tech N9ne 
Album:  Seepage EP
Song:   Alucard
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(Intro: Tech N9ne)
From the depth of Mizzery I stood
Now and forever
Exodus, insanus, knocturnus
(Verse 1: Tech N9ne)
Alucard when im on stage
Alucard in the booth when im loose and see no days
When it's too right I be rippin' the mic everyday and every night a nigga won't lay
Down for no one towns go fun down under sorround the globe to flow some
Timeless lyrics im that spirit that keep it young but old one
Handle my business 
Other rappers have no stanina in this
They be livin' glist and glam and they finish
But i've been in it since the man did begin it in the shit
But why is the N9na so intricate?
And life is seemin' so infinite
They callin him a demon when he steadily feedin' the needs and be keepin it limitless
I was back in the days
When the rappin' amazed 
Everybody wanna rap at the waves
Alot of rappers up from the passin away
But I was there and nigga i'm still here the killa that been feared
For livin' in them years and leavin' em in tears
Hella fast when he say the lyrical lash and with a passion he spray
Alucard in ya dreams everlastin' life ain't hard as it seems
Part of the thing
Got me eatin rappers up if you step you gon start a machine
Losing so many lives
All alone in the skies
I've been livin' so long and this music was still goin' through it seen so many die
(Hook: Tech N9ne) 2X
Alucard everlasting
Timeless bars when i'm rapping
All these stars never last
Yet I will still stand while everyones passing
(Verse 2: Tech N9ne)
Been around for the rise and fall of many and standing up y'all
They was in the same game heavy involved now you ain't livin' at all
Alot of these people looked dead to me
Then I knew it would the heridity
They never credited me now they wana know the secret to my longevity
I think it's in my blood
My scent begins to flood
Everybody on the planet understand it I give them a drug
And i get no rest time
Until it sets shines
I say it's Alucard, you call it Tech N9ne
By now you know i'm more than just a rapper
I will be now and yes i will be after
I am older than fuckin' ghetto blasters
But they wonder why youngsters love me label me master
I am faster than all of you bastards
Livin' at the bottom I got up and then I brought em a bullet from a gun imma long laster
Now you ask for explanation my last word
A-L-U-C-A-R-D read it backwards