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Artist: Tech N9ne
Album:  Murder Dog Presents: Kansas City
Song:   Kansas City King
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Dem niggas is dumb niggas 
disrespecting somebody that loved yall niggas. 
You deserve everything you got coming you dumb motherfuckers. 

(Verse 1)
This ones for the rogues 
this ones for the hoes 
this ones for the shows 
this ones for the ghettos. Repeat

Hey Who put them asses in motion 
Hey who flow it fast like the ocean 
hey this shit is past the commotion 
im bout to push it further nigga rub it in with lotion 
So many posed to be holding me totally 
foes to me gold to the protégé his quota be so 
But he alacrity rhyme 
Motherfuckers know the design 
How you gonna disrespect me when the whole citys mine 
I been grinding like a motherfucker chasing my dream 
No longer chasing I'm making my green 
And it seems that them niggas talking tough shit 
Not just some niggas but the hood I threw up wit
Niggas I grew up wit
Get this (whats that)
Them niggas pissed cause I got they house note 
Mistresses house note 
Five car notes income tax return 
and three child support checks on my wrist I'm the 

Kansas City King 
im the baddest nigga that you ever seen 
you stupid niggas don't really want no money green 
you bout to see me take it about to see me bling on
you motherfuckers the Kansas City King repeat 

(Verse 2)
Down to the nitty gritty 
did I say Nitty I said Nitty 
cause ever since he left the shit aint been pretty 
Nigga had to skip scenes when he rammed his 
Dick up in something sacred 
and your honor probably gave him 15 of the damnedist 
When I didn't have shiza to do 
I used to sit up on the block with the crew 
And drank brew 
Now niggas mad because I'm gone “Bonjour” 
Stupid niggas you never see me cause I'm “On tour” 
Stacking cash and smacking asses with the masses 
You still jacking stashes gun blast's 
Funny how my money it runs rapid 
Labeled me a devil cause your hustling level I done passed it 
Nigga Will 
My nigga still 
You kept it real kept it all about the dollar bill 
They wrong and you know it 
And I'm about to show it 
since you said you was misquoted 
nigga ima hold it I'm the 


(Verse 3)
Big Scoob you fixing to get schooled 
How could you just diss dude 
and do something this crude you 
Motherfucking fool you 
I taught you patterns had to combat em 
cause you knew that I was a O.G like tulu 
I told you lets to the group called RDV 
And you said no cause aint no we reppin that R E D 
Then I said fuck that 
I mean with R A P 
Get together and make the cheddar as far as they see 
So I extended a hand 
To blend wit a band 
Now ex friend's wit a man they'll send to the can 
When you pass me motherfuckers don't you ever ever ask me 
Shit about Stuart Ashby simply because he slashed me 
Who used to trust you (ME)
Who slept on your couch wit a AK ready to bust who (ME) 
You say people saying 57 RDVS 
aint shit without me make you wanna say fuck me 
Well FUCK YOU I'm the 


(Verse 4)
I started yall gangsta shit 
And this the motherfucking thanks I get 
You been challenging me ever since fourth and fifth grade 
Mad cause you didn't get your credits on Mitch Bade 
Talked to Don Juan 
You don't want none 
Look at you blood you just a crab wonton 
Making everything black and white the fattest 
Stackin relish but your business can't compete wit Travis 
At its worst status 
Strange will change the game 
and claim domain and all the lames will ravish 
Michael Whitebear you been waiting to bust rounds at a nigga 
well the opportunity's right there 
16 bars aint enough to express how I feel about you niggas 
Now I'm wit my two niggas deuce niggas 
Reign till I'm slain they will forever feel me 
The only way to stop me you got to kill me the