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Artist: Tech N9ne ft/ Big Krizz Kaliko
Album:  Beef Soundtrack
Song:   Beef
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[Tech N9ne]
But the cattle had no idea when entering the
slaughterhouse that they would never return
So they went while the other's watch in the distance
listening to the slaughtering of there own
So fear and stress sets in as the other groups
approached the slaughter house led by the farmer
See the farmer knew that the cattle had something valuable
something he wanted so he attacked and
the result of the attack was...

Bitter emotions envy and fear
Ain't nobody got no real beef with me nigga what?
Every time a muthafucka come along and do somethin'
It's always another muthafucka that wanna come along and stop his ass
Ain't nuttin strong enough to stop fuckin Tech N9ne nigga
Ain't nuttin!
Ain't nobody got no muthafuckin beef with me, nigga fuck you!

[Tech N9ne]
Better watch ya language
Niggas jealous when they women feel us
We famous
Gettin wit us ain't an option haters send the killas bring em
Straight Angus
Grade A hater
Hatin' niggas that
Change up
You don't wanna get
Banged up
Fuckin around with them
It better be about money
And it bet not be no bitch
Better go fish
I don't wanna hear all the lip
And if he trippin hit em with the four-fifth
Wanna take it there and it's so sad
Thinkin he packin a pair of the gonads
What you got a little beef with me?
Well I got a big fat meat loaf for yo ass
Bow down
Turn around
Go an clown if you like the way it sound
Beef killas
Wait a minute nigga why you lookin at me like a
muthafuckin bald head when I got a head full of hair
Eyeballs red wit a stare
Put a nigga dead in the air
Fuckin a family believe it Iíll take it there
Stuck in a wheelchair never gonna take another step
again a weapon and the specimen I left him in a mess and I gotta
Give a nigga the metal medicine and holla
I ain't never gotta wipe my tears
Never need a gang when I fight my fears
It stops right there
And continues right here

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
If you want beef its right here, here, yeah, yeah
Cause if it's on then it's on, If you want it then come on
If you want beef its right here, here, yeah, yeah
If you want it come on, nigga just say what you want

[Big Krizz Kaliko]
Ever since the beef
I been havin these dreams
Of killin ya
Triple beams
Is spillin ya blood out ya umbilical, I
I never been the killin type, but gimme the gun and I
just might pull it tonight
I'm willin to fight, if you got a nine millimeter I got
another nine millimeter that will get you like
Blaow, why you talkin loud now?
Thought that when you was facin me
that I would gracefully bow out now
Can get grim on this nigga
Catch him comin out the Peach Tree
and stomp my Tims on this nigga
That shit that you be talkin ain't nuttin but gum bumpin
Bumpin the gun pumpin
Mostly ya niggas don't want nuttin, nah
Me and my people we done frontin
In fact if we take it from wax to the streets you done done it
Want beef nigga
Better say that shit
Cause from around here
Nigga we don't play that shit
Don't let part of ya speech
Make you lose part of ya teeth
Cause you ain't hardly hard to me if you want beef from me


[Tech N9ne]
Beef is when a nigga run around town
talkin about you owe him a hundred g's
Beef is when a nigga tell somebody he
wanna get you when you hear about it overseas
Beef is a nigga that's sinful
Draw a wicked plan out with a stencil
Tell ya homeboys falsified info
And that's so he can turn them all against you
Hatin on you, the bitches and niggas sayin you wack
When everything you got workin is play in the back
Go back to crack
Go back to sprayin the gat
Cause your bullshit rap don't stay on the rack
7th Heaven gonna have to put the shit on auction
Cause the shit ain't poppin
Nigga knew it was shockin
When you was sellin cds out of the trunk in Joplin
And I was on tour fuckin bitches in Auckland
Regime Life nigga fuck everybody else
Deuce Click Deuce Click damage ya body health
Sayin nobody feel me, well nobody feel you
Police tryin to tell me how to kill you
When you feel you really wanna jump in the mildew
Ain't no tellin what niggas with kids will do
Travis O'Guin you know he got bills too
We ain't the ones trippin nigga it's still you
Never thought I would see the day
That I would be speakin
About a nigga that I called my bro man but then a nigga really got to thinkin
I gave 'em 25 Thou of mine
Q gave 'em 50 for no damn reason
So the pub I gave you for 25
100 G's I say we even


If you want beef its right here!