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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Suli4Q
Album:  Planet
Song:   Planet *
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* pre-order bonus track

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
The time has come
You can go now
I think they've had enough

[Chorus: Suli4Q]
Look what you done made me do
Look what you done made me do, look at you
Man look at you, you wear your feelings on your face
I don't know what to say to you, damn
Look what you done made me do
Look what you done made me do, look at you
Man look at you, you wear your feelings on your face
Ain't nobody changed but you
No you can't stand it, stand it
Been all over the planet, planet
All around the planet, planet
All over the planet (look what you done made me do)
Planet (look what you done made me do)
All around the planet

[Tech N9ne]
N9na nigga, Pyune ground zero (yeah)
They don't question the best and the illest clown we know
That's takin 'em down below when they fakin with a town hero
They facin total devastation when they flakin with a hound be though
They crowned me so I'm bound to sound ego-
-tistical, get your hoe with the flow, this is no gown she wrote (no)
They pounce emo with the people in brown V coats
So chico you found lethal renowned profound negros
I'm really fed up with people, really wanna go head up with evil
Anybody wanna dead us to fecal, never gonna be read up in diesel
Nigga with the OG's, but it don't mean that I won't throw B's still
Put a nigga down more cheese will, and I got a bit so please chill
On that hoe shit, sayin I lost my flow spit
When I come so ferocious, such a level of dopeness
But silly folks is sayin hip-hop is hopeless
But use rappers as hostess, sweeter lyrics is ghostwrit
Hypnosis - is what they gotta be under
It's like they all in a slumber to lift throat dick (ugh)
That ain't no bloke shit, rappers need to revoke this
feminine hocus pocus if you ain't really a broke wrist
So many years makin millions, you live to become the villain
For real, I'm ready and willin to reach a billion (chuh)
Right through the ceiling, I left your planet of illin and killin
My planet's chillin, yours gave me a funny feelin
Fuck y'all


[Tech N9ne]
People gon' hear me though, I don't come with no semi flow
I go fully and then Deebo like a bully off Henny bro
I kill any and thinny skinnies tryna pin me and many mo'
Then he blow then give me dough then envy wanna unfriend me so
I left you, hate on N9na so F you
Ain't no rapper a threat to us, plus nothin Tech do (no)
So hear the vet spew comin from the Midwest zoo
How you gonna come and test who got the power to BLESS you?
Fuck these lil' puppies, I'm husky
When I eat they food I'm makin 'em puss bleed, I must feed
Fangin 'em I had enough greed to help me succeed (chuh!)
I was raised a rough breed that was taught to crush fleas
When they irritate me I don't even wanna hear it lately
Nigga trippin over here is crazy and the reason is queer Spacey (whoa)
So hear it baby, never be a day that I fear a lady
actions, weird shady captions, droppin tears maybe
Some will listen to this and hate on it (yup)
Me be sloppy? You motherfuckers continue to wait on it (yup)
Been ahead of my time, you constantly late on shit (yup)
Underestimatin Tecca N9na the great on this
I left four years ago (bitch)
Did enough music for four years, ya know? (chuh!)
So from now when that four years is up and you lookin for N9na's stuff
It'll be gone cause I've had enough of me provin to you I can bust
Fuck this shit!