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Artist: Tech N9ne
Album:  The Gates Mixed Plate
Song:   Harvey Dent
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(Intro: Tech N9ne)
This Tech N9ne baby 
And I don't do just one thing 
I'm everything 
If I did one thing 
All y'all would agree 
But you don't 
So you want me do some madness 
Y'all want the crazy shit 
But I just wanna kick it sometimes 
Drink some fuckin Caribou Lou and KC Tea GODDAMN!
(Verse 1: Tech N9ne)
They want madness 
Anghellic and sadness 
Fans relish when gladness is damned 
Devilish and ashes 
But I like this cash 
This massive magazine ad 
Gets crackin 
Attractive chicks passin 
Is rap and actresses never asses 
They want the clown 
The paint and the evil frown 
The drinkin, the needle now 
The taint and no feeble sounds 
But I need your pounds, your pesos 
Your people down with this label 
And I be so bound for that halo when I be low ground? 
They want that black magic 
That savage with bad habits 
And grab at and stab rabbits 
The maggot that has cabbage 
But I'm at that fast status 
With swagger that's past average 
My glasses and rag matches 
Don't mean flag and it's no blast added 
They say bizarre he went 
They love him and dark he vents 
Popin the chart 
He sent naughty shit to everybody's tent 
I wanna be at the party bent 
Listenin to Parliament 
Sorry this part of me's a gnarly gent 
They call me  (Harvey Dent)
(Hook: Tech N9ne)
People be 
Talkin bout 
This an that 
Sayin it 
And I hear 
Can I get 
Back what I 
Started with 
Want me, want my old shit, buy my, buy my old albums 
Want my old shit, buy my, buy my old albums (Harvey Dent)
(Verse 2: Tech N9ne)
They want the demon 
The animal that spread the semen 
The cannibal 
Sign of the heathen 
Who's eatin meat 'n no vegan 
But I get my fees 
And I'm reachin for the decent skis 
And a piece of the be frequent beats 
And the freak and be hit the cheesing 
They want the dark knight 
They want a bar fight 
Hard bites 
Art is the smartest thing 
In this scarred life 
Women that's our vice 
They starin at our ice 
Matter what's at the tar lights? 
But I hittin the car twice 
They want that killer clown 
They want the milla sound 
Gorilla that pill ya for scrilla 
But I hold the villa down 
I'm chinchilla now 
With Maczilla I tap chillas 
You rap niggas you hate 
But it's still a crown 
Just call me two face 
On the right side I got healthy pearly whites 
On the left side I got a tooth ache 
I'm Asmodeus but then I'm Master Farah? 
Black people think I'm a devil 
And the white people think I'm a God
(outro: Tech N9ne)
People come up to me and they say they like the older stuff you knw what im sayin'
Like Anghellic and Calm Before The Storm
But i gotta evolve ya know what im sizzlin'?
If you don't like the new shit then go buy the older shit