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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Aqualeo
Album:  Klusterfuk EP
Song:   Ugly Duckling
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Tech N9ne]
I'm this way cause I got up and got it when I was the oddest
to demolish the hottest scholars with all of these Goddish products
Call it way polished, I jot it, dot it, then they got it, brolic
Stay modest, but brought it, psychotic thought is raw and sick
But everybody didn't want to give a nigga time of the day
or will I ever reach another when I'm in the grave
I got to be different to keep up with the pay
Say, say, say what you want about Nina
The one who is wishing me comin up missin that one is a dreamer
Calling me ugly I laugh, cause I'm rough as rugby and fast
Industry's chubby and flab you look sick, pudgy and crap
Now your chick want to hug me and smash
I look lovely with cash instead of muggy and clash
You act like we was buddies in class
Got my painted face; ain't it great?
Really illuminated, made it within a tainted space
Better to bring it straight and gain it late than aim it fake
Famous for my brain it's fate, that I strained and faint
then became the great... Yates

[Chorus: Tech N9ne]
No love or nothin, just blood and suffering
For the ugly duckling
No love or nothin, just blood and suffering
For the ugly duckling
Trust me, trust me, nothing {*2X*}
is worse than knowing you're beautiful
but you're treated like an ugly duckling
Trust me, trust me, nothing {*2X*}
is worse than knowing you're beautiful
but you're treated like an ugly duckling

[Aqualeo - Acie L. High]
Ever since I came out the womb and I was birthed to the planet
It's like the Earth couldn't stand it, I was just worthless abandoned
So I write verses and curses to try and cope with the damage
citizens gave me, you {?} are going to feel my curses in Spanish
I've been in verses then vanished, though not the first to be banished
but ostracized cause I prophesized how the churches are scandalous
See my words are just managed, perfectly perched on the canvas
Painting a picture with scriptures with my fellow dirty from Kansas
So I'm going to spit on the wax and rip on the tracks and spill out my pain
Rather than give me a gat, empty the Mac, shatter and spill out my brains
People are strange, verses be spinnin
A diamond on top tryin to get all the change
I have to devise me a plot but then gamble a lot
so my stockin can get me some change
See all the hate that they gave me it fueled my passionate speech
Made me react on the track and start whoopin ass on the beat
So since I'm rude I fire noses up like a flu off the grease
Head in the sky hella flyin high like I'm blue off the sweet


[Aqualeo - Priceless]
It's my God damn time
Go on 'head shine a light over here on the darkness
What'cha thought?
What we gon' play dead roll over and add up losses?
Damn fools, now no man cool
Politickin with the rules eat fools for the carcass
Cause we back well seems that we leave
And another leave a vegan no sausage
But don't ride dick now
And act like you like bums lit now
Keep signin the killers and fat drug dealers
Is you really the big shit now? (I took a big shit now)
I gotta speak, these niggaz be weak
Runnin 'round like they nuts cut loose
Can't even shake a nigga hand, gotta dap a nigga up
Fuck around and touch butt-fuck juice
Mayday to the payday 'til they say we stay don't cut the noose
Yeah it's off with the heads
Niggaz off to the bed gettin head like Duck, Duck, Goose
Ahh-OHH~! Technicians form a petition to never ever let it up
on a rapper that sucks, and these industry fucks
with the bucks that will make you turn small from a duck
Crystal Meth, Cocaine, E-Pills
with a little weed fill and a lot of free will
And a couple refills to whenever we steal
Won't see thrills like these steals on a steep hill
That's some hot shit, that's our shit
One more time, don't ride dick
Shit, I got us creepin on your level
Aqualeo, now that's speakin of the devil