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Artist: Tech N9ne
Album:  Klusterfuk EP
Song:   Klusterfuk
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I was born in November, 8th day, 1971st y'all
9 o'clock in the morning, a Christian girl in Kansas City gave birth y'all
She taught the kid how to love, and give up praises to our maker 'til the Earth fall
Then momma married a Muslim, and I was 12, and the transition was the worst y'all
I converted to Islam, but every once in a while I'd read a Bible verse y'all
How am I to refrain from eating pork and having Christmas when I thirst all
All of this it was blended, many religions, plenty women down my shirt y'all
At home no longer attended, when I was 17 I bounced like a Nerf ball
Yeeeeahhhh~! Spit a bit quick
My day, I slay, Pi Mai, trick don't get a bitch hit
I'm masterin it, I'm flyin around with equipment
Really big timin now I'm not fittin this bitch
I'm ridin around and I'm grittin it
To the people the people that want the evil I'm givin you
that and a couple others to KLUS-TER-FUK
of a brother which you discover to KRUSH-MUCKS-UP
In the gutter cause I'm a thug and they TOUGH-JUST-STRUCK
givin you LOVE FROM a SLUG if you BUG on a NIGGA
TUG on her trigger, no HUGS I'ma kiss her
with GRUNGES and PLUG her with DRUGS when I give her
DICK, fatherly, when I spit on these kiddies don't bother me
In the brown and red dickies, mahogany
Red all over me like I hit an artery
Fuck all of these, hypocrites lick a dick just swallow me
If you follow me and wanted to abolish me
when I'm honestly, a straight oddity
I'm just twisted, non-fictitious
On this wicked, shit spit a bit quick
Ready whenever machete will sever the head or be dead up
in the lake or in the metal and big thick bricks
Pucker up, suck this Butter Butter gutter slut
If you wonder what is uttered this is KLUSTERFUK!
Ever seen a nigga with hella followers
and they love a nigga so much he be wantin to tell them to kill
HA HA HA HA HAA~! And they will
So ya better watch that, no this ain't a shock tactic
Got that bit down to the grill
Heheheheheheheeeeh, WAY REAL!
I got the shit that get the crowd jumpin
My shit a lotta thumpin silly just like a DRUNKEN MONKEYYYY
Crazy, I might be way in my psyche laid as a bright P.A.
Playin, they wanna fight me
They don't really like me, dig in the knife replay
Yeah I'm good and a little bit of evil
Inside of me they about equal
Call it a bust when I'm all in a rut
I'm a klusterfuk, nigga y'all is just

FECAL, growin up low enough, musta sucked
PEOPLE, call me what? Call me a, klusterfuk
FECAL, growin up low enough, musta sucked
PEOPLE, call me what? Call me a, klusterfuk

[Uncredited Female]
Talk about growin up fucked up~!
I grew up with a mentally ill mother
so it's no wonder that I'm, slightly askew
Her fanatical religious views
had me sittin in pews 8 days a week
and because of that me and God didn't speak for a while
Now I crack a smile when I'm asked my religious preference
I utter a Tech N9ne reference replyin
I'm a klusterfuk! I mixed up all the stuff
that religion that had to offer
Boiled it in my cauldron 'til the bullshit burned off it
All that was left was love
I can't say I always rise above the trivial shit in my life cause I don't
Sometimes my ego won't allow me to walk away, if you know what I'm sayin
I've done a lot of drugs, shit
I've done a lot of thugs, but in the end
As long as I'm aligned with love
then I KNOW I'm livin righteous

[Outro: Tech N9ne - repeat 4X]
By a landslide my energy
Will kill a man why try mimick me
Cause the fans tied identically
Love it when the fans buy my memories

[third and fourth repeat - overlap with Chorus]