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Artist: Tech N9ne
Album:  Klusterfuk EP
Song:   Can't Stand Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Tech N9ne]
The rapper you gotta have in your chatter
You be gatherin data to mom and dad it's a matter
Cause they latus fanatical for this bladick that's radical add a
skill that brings avid adolescents to drag us
Everywhere in they beat spot they be lovin the speech
I teach, my beast, I eat, when records released by
they favorite artists invaded they hearts
The way that it started my latest day to pay it regardless
Ever been to a Tech show? (I haven't, I haven't, I haven't)
Then why you stoppin and poppin me out the deck for?
Hear that I got the best flow (I haven't, I haven't, I haven't)
Granny clever trippin with Elly and Jethro
for listenin to my music they choose it, they use it
as therapy there will be when I do this, they lose it
Mom and daddy wanna ban me I'm loud like a wild banshee
I'm rowdy and antsy maybe that's why they can't stand me
For real~!

[Chorus: Tech N9ne]
These are people who can't stand me
Your mamma, your daddy, your greasy-ass granny
Who be callin me uncanny
Your mamma, your daddy, your greasy-ass granny
They tell ya -- I'm no good for you
But you don't listen to me
I'm the one you love
But you people can't stand me

[Tech N9ne]
She love this rap kid as a stack getter
But dad lit up when he saw that the kid was a black nigga
And she's a whack bitch a big fat back with her
and her mamma's mad see cause the last dick is from Africa
That's why they always act shady, we splat babies right at Bradys
That's maybe the worst for a white lady that's racy
No longer matchmakey when the blacks attack
whack they be watchin +The Mack+ lately
Ever been with a black dude? (I haven't, I haven't, I haven't)
You're probably thinkin we all weed and tattoos
Ever thought white and blacks cool? (I haven't, I haven't, I haven't)
That's cause you think your daughter's gettin her back bruised
Your moms in your business, she's in your business
Can't you see she wants you to keep us niggaz at a distance
Separation existing, and here's code
The story took place when I was sixteen years old, yo


{*singer crooning in Spanish until the end, sounds kinda like Wyclef*}