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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Mayday
Album:  Klusterfuk EP
Song:   Blur
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

  Aaron, hello?
Whassup bro?
  Bro where you at?
In my room
  Oh, nigga I'm in my room!
Yeah I just came in here bruh
  Oh~! Anyway listen ay
  Stevie San just called me
  Said he wanna come on down here and party so
  Remember I was tellin you about let's do these annuals
Yeah the annual party?
  My nigga let's go ahead and start the annual tonight
I'm with it nigga, I'm with it
  Aight, Abu Dhabi my nigga!
Abu Dhabi my nigga it's about to be on, y'knahmsayin?
Oh but make sure the bitches gon' be there right?
  Oh 5-to-1 nigga, 5-to-1
All day!

[Tech N9ne]
Bad day with my bitches
Negativity on my phone is ridiculous
Limo shine up on the real Tech N9ne
They talkin 'bout I'm the sickness
Comin at that shit so vicious
Get up out of my bed, I'm sick of feelin restricted
Fans sayin I switched
They can tell I was hurt by lookin at my Twit pic
Got a call from Stevie, y'all know his steezie
Said he's 'bout to come to K.C. and wanna have a lil' get-together, that's easy
Got a little Cabo Wabo, some biz and Cîroc yo
They wanna have it at my house is there room for Frizz and Picasso?
Hell yeah, come on down, told Makzilla to be done on rounds
We gotta get mo' liquor, spread the fun around
We 'bout to kick it with family, put the gun on down
Nigga, I ain't kicked it in eons
This 'bout to be cooler than Freon
Got another call from my homeboy in Denver, named Dion
He just pulled into KC sayin he's double fisted with bottles
I told him I was on liquor duty and Stone'Dem was on models
All of my niggas ready for action
When I woke, I don't remember this crashin
I can try and tell you in the next verse
but I don't really know what happened...

[Chorus: Mayday]
It's just a blur, blur, blur
The whole thing's just a blur, blur, blur
It's just a blur, blur, blur
The whole thing's just a blur, blur, blur
The whole thing's just a blur

[Tech N9ne]
Woke up, got sick, ain't nobody sleepin in my shit
Looked in the mirror, that's fucked up because busted is my top lip
Real busted, real puffy, like a nigga punched me the fuck out
I don't smoke but my mouth taste like big weed like my nigga Yukmouth
I think I remember two chicks, one thick another was a toothpick
I think I was takin shots with 'em of Patrón I don't do this
KC Teas, ghetto suds, talkin to the chick with ghetto butts
She was trippin when another beautiful widow cut
in front of her talkin to me and then I said "Oh, fuck!"
Everybody keep sayin (breaker Jordan)
But I don't remember even seein (breaker Jordan)
But I heard if you really wanna please (breaker Jordan)
Put one, two, maybe three and (breaker Jordan)
Glimpses of a house full of bitches and dancin
And some losin they pants and romancin each other
and eating each other, and beating me brothers
My publicist almost stuck a bitch
cause she punched my nigga with her fuckin fist
But he kicked her out, instead
She got a line nigga some'n shoulda been said
Then somehow when I touched her my lip hit her big head


[Tech N9ne]
Scenario, what happened? That nigga keep laughin
Cause he made all the drinks potent, my lip is fucked I'm not jokin
Said she was made of what hips 'bout, 5-1 hella pretty but Cripped out
Said that she got a little cocky and called me a demon and I flipped out
Said her body was bruise up and her earlobes had a few cuts
I told him I don't hit women, it was not me, I don't do stuff
Came downstairs, all my niggaz still sprawled out
Then I saw empty bottles the makings of Caribou Lou (damn~!)
Now there's a loose screw

The night was going perfectly, all seemed well
I woke up in the darkness dizzy, feelin like hell
I don't feel like myself, oh no
I've never ever felt this way before in so long - it's just a blur

{*staticky hard to transcribe woman on answering machine wants purse*}
{*she ends with "Thank you, bye"*}