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Artist: Tech N9ne
Album:  Klusterfuk EP
Song:   Awkward
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Heh, I'm just gon' tell a couple stories, real quick
Shit that I think is pretty awkward, y'knahmsayin?
Check it out

[Tech N9ne]
Kickin' it up in Salt Lake City
'Bout to be doin a show in a boss state really
Lovin a nigga I think it's because I'm becomin
a killer forever the piece of my thoughts weigh gritty
But one day someone say "Why does he gotta be closin?
I am the one with the frozen flow and pockets bulgin"
Fairgrounds, it was a explosion
I told the promoter to hold up
And I told him I came to rock, get the famous spot
to the man that claim he hot
22,000 people saw me make the "Planet Rock"
But when I was done nigga the show was done
Right when he took the stage, everybody runs
And the outcome was 300 folks at a show
So I met the Shiloh, and it was

Situation is (absurd)
Irregular and (awkward)
Such a feelin is (not heard)
In my circle when it's (awkward)
Situation is (absurd)
Irregular and (awkward)
Such a feeling is (not heard, awkward)

[Tech N9ne]
Great sex, thanks Tech
That's what she say I grab the latex
off of me, and throw it away to be safe
And I give her the getaway-look and I say softly
"We gotta move, my bus is leaving"
I guess that wasn't a good enough reason
to have to go, I gave her a shirt
Not my jersey, I know it hurts
And then I heard call somebody sayin
Come and get me, grab the gun that's with me
That's a no-no; you came and you leavin solo, keep it dolo
Makin the walk of shame then I let her out the front
I was in the crunch when the person standin at the door
said I'm her husband man we love you
and this is what she really wants

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Tech N9ne]
I ain't even gonna rap this verse
I just gotta tell y'all this story cause it's funny as hell to me
Y'knahmsayin? We're shootin the uhh, "Am I Psycho" video
down in Atlanta, somewhere outside Atlanta
It was cold as hell, it was dark, y'knahmshizzlayin
and we only had like one trailer for everybody
It's just me, B.o.B and his people, my people y'knahmsizzlayin
Aqualeo, Satin Starr, they people, y'knahmsizzlin
Hopsin's people, the uhh, the make-up lady
The people that are in the video, y'knahmsayin
We all in there drinking y'knahmsizzlin
I'm in the back all the time cause I'm, like reclusive kinda
Y'knahmsayin so, B.o.B comes in the back, and he say to me
He say "Ayy man uh, you fuck with them tools?"
I said "Tools?" He said "Yeah you fuck with them tools?"
and he did his hand like, like a gun thing, I said
"I mean, I ain't got no tool here, if that's what you as..."
He said "Nah I thought I saw some tools back here"
I said "Hell naw nigga~! Ain't no tools back here man"
"Nigga I got God with me nigga, and angels around me"
and we start laughin, and he's like
"Nah, nah! Cause I go out to the gun range"
And I be like "Oh that's cool man but nah we good right here man"
"We ain't got no guns down here" and we's laughin
And when he's leavin out I said "Ay nigga it's all Jesus my brother!"
HA HA HA HA, nigga talkin about tools y'knahmsayin?