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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Liz Suwandi
Album:  Killer
Song:   Poisonous
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[Tech N9ne]
Now you know that I'll never give you anything that will hurt you, right baby?
So try this ... yeah ... yeah ... you like that?

[Chorus: Liz Suwandi]
I saw you back where we began
Then you took me for a spin
and captivated, brought me in and now
See I still watch you from a distance
Lost in you, lose all resistance
Poisonous the way you took me out
Cause yoooooooooooooou ... got the best ... of me
Cause yoooooooooooooou ... got the best ... of me

[Tech N9ne]
Nina! I'm like a walking drug
I can make your lady pop X, want sex from a nigga like me
I can feel her nightly, even make her fall off in love
Get away lost off in hugs, stalking blood for an awesome plug
This is addictive, vicious and wicked slick talking stud
I take good gals, recruit 'em, pollute 'em
Put X in they wood valve, to shoot 'em, they chewed 'em up
and true enough, they would be popping, dropping, pursuing us
Plus screwing the crew and such, a ruined slut living through a nut
That was then but now I see 'em, they be on the same shit
Brainless, itching to get that quick trip, wanna be painless
I don't fuck wit it no more, but I can arrange it
I was like Dracula attacking her, when I give her game, hella vain language
It was they choice to trip, I kept her moist and slick
Now she's an annoying chick, I started avoiding Miss
Give her them toys and split
I polluted so many women with bad habits and drugs, I guess I'm poisonous

[Chorus: Liz Suwandi]

[Liz Suwandi harmonizes to end]