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Artist: Tech N9ne
Album:  Killer
Song:   Like Yeah
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[Verse 1]

It's time to get into some sin you been listening to jibberish
hits in the interim them are done cuz here me come
To make ya stand up, stand tough hands up, damn ya
If you don't get it get rid of it trip if ya diggin it
I guess I got more than my balls and my word
I got broads in a herd chasing this and all of my nerves
They got the illness, they feel this realness, chill bitch
I got a bed it's too crowded for you to come get in it
I spit that Tech shiza off to y'all
it's crazy, even Michael Jackson said it's off the wall
I'm with the sickness, big Tech's lidless, midwest
I be best one for gunning nobody can get with it
So when ya see me in the spot, bow down trick
I eat drink sleep dress look, and sound rich
So jump up get pumped up crunked up everyone must
Stop with the jealously with me the haters be riveted

K-I-L-L E to the R dot
Just ain't fair that when I pop up the spot be LIKE YEAH!!
Killer Killer it's the gorilla, and if they feel ya
Mister mister quick to get with ya chick if she get a whiff of this

[Verse 2]

I'm back with the heat and yes Young Fyre produced it
With true spit I get lots of relish with Strange Music
My crews thick, (thats right) Deuce Clik
And guess who's with two chicks (Tech N9ne)
In my lou of caribou sips
The super dew lifts everybody in the party will lose it
Vodka and Mountain Dew is the new shit
Thanks to Icy Roc and Demonica we honor ya
and I get so much money sometimes it feel like I'm wearing a yarmulke
You cannot monitor my money I'll monetarily astonish ya
So whats with the bad comments and all the drama for?
I can produce a picture
Stop with the truce and hit ya
I'm at the top but I can be popping and shootin wit ya
Chip on my shoulder now
Mr nice guy its over wow
To a ritzy and older style
From ditsy and Gomer Pyle
Look at my checks swell
Chicks with wet tails
Ready to rock it in my pocket
Got the Trojan magnum XL's


[Verse 3]
Yeah, I think they wit me mayne
Yeah, yeah, this is Kansas City mayne
The industry's STILL punks, that's why they will slump
but when we end this, drop all our records we will dump
Havin a good time just stackin em with Travis we laid back
Doin about a hundred 50 with slaps in the Maybach
Hatas of course ya doubt, that I'm makin a warped amount
I got Ozone, Murda Dog, double XL and Source accounts
What's all the force about?
Killer in and remorse is out
FUCK ?Marshall Rammy? ya heard that, from the horses mouth
That ain't comin from RBC, that ain't comin from Fontana
It's comin from Strange Music's, Dontana, in a calm manner
I'll say this in baritone, WE COME TO GET OUR CHEDDAH
Huntin you in yo dreams, you wake up screamin in falseta
MTV clipped me, birthday bash show
I got fans like cat castro that'll boost my cash flow
MTV completely we sick of it, you won't give a bit?
Just look at my eyes and my blood and my ligaments
you can see that Tecca Nina don't give a shit