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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Hed(PE), Kottonmouth Kings
Album:  Killer (Disc Two)
Song:   I Am Everything
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Tech N9ne]
11/08/71 momma bring the gun
To this world and ever since it's been tons of fun
Leaving bitches stun off in their lungs, I cum
Hella sprung give it a slap on the buns then run
I got money mayne give me dummy danes
Make a honey drain a funny thing a tummy pain
All I want is sex drugs and rock and roll rappin'
Liquor' flocking hoes got the drop and lock it low
Haters can fuck off, flee with your tough talk
This is no mercy, thirsty for blood and I bust off
I am the reason they find you stiff with your nuts off
Cut cross and busted off for yappin' too much boss
Rules don't apply to me America lied to me
So ain't no way you're containing this devil inside of me
And your children they love it how I'm a rebel and rugged
If it ain't about a way that I can clutch it tuck it motherfuck it

Pat him down ( you can't get rid of me)
Melt him down (might as well let it be)
7 hounds( maybe it's in my blood)
Cash and Crowns (I'm everything you think you know)

I am everything you ever were afraid of
(A nightmare there we go right there)
I am everything you ever were afraid of
(Bury me bitch I am everything)

[Jahred (Hed) P.E.]
Yes I'm that one nigga
I'm gods son nigga
I'll fuck your brain, I'm insane
I got him on the run nigga
This ain't for B.E.T. motherfuck the industry (punks)
I know my enemy the devil he can't control we niggas
I'm everything that you fear, I mean, I don't give a fuck
(Hed) P.E. Techa Nina we fuck your pussies up
Your daughter disappears we fuck her in her ears
Monster flow and I'm voted the nigga of the year

Call me down, letting it loose
When I rip call it truce feeling good
Feeling fine, hit him off every time
Let em have it and I grab it; duck you down
Lay you down when I'm pimping
When I'm sippin meet me in the mid while
So you think you fucking with it Kottonmouth
Díloc kill him, when I get him watch me rip him
Hold me down, watch me peel him
DíLoc said it now you know [x3]
Now you know DíLoc said it


I'm a savage renegade terrorist infidel
White devil gentile born and raised in hell
I'm wide awake there ain't no need 4 no sleeper cell
I'm the bomb and the anthrax in the mail
I'm the side lock death pour the Ďlectric koolaid
White Knight, voodoo magic I'mma black plague
I'm the blood that u drink from the poison well
The drug of choice
I feel you know me well

[Johnny Richter]
I'm the thug and he go bump in the night (catch me)
Rollin around town smoking a blunt or a pipe (it's me)
(Hed) P.E. Kottonmouth and Techa n9ne (yes we)
Insomnimaniacs, we're ruling the night
Just like Freddy Krueger or that psycho Michael Myers
How the demons come equip the so you better play nice
Like a pack of pyros always starting up
On the fire Suburban Noize and Strange Music
What you gonna do right