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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Paul Wall, The Popper
Album:  Killer
Song:   Get the Fuck Outta Here
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Get the fuck outta here (Nina)
Get the fuck outta here (Popper)
Get the fuck outta here (Wall)
Get the fuck outta here

[Tech N9ne]
Ima spitter, you other cats beyond litter
Thats prolly why just penny pushin' and I'm bigger
So you hate on me cuz you lack paper and I'm gritter
Wit two biancas on my arms like John Ritter
Oh my goodness is they talkin shit again
When I been playa on the day I became a U.S. citizen
Haters keep wishin Ima take a loss but I'm finishin
Killer but scriller just like Percy Miller No Limits den
I aim for digits, 100% of my people came to get it
He used to be bigger but then became a midget
taken out of the game, livin lame and live it
So we gotta hate on the next man, cuz he don't got the money
We left'em at the bottom and now he's the ex tech fan
Get the fuck outta my face, I'm winnin its not a mistake
You gotta be hot sittin watch me ex-pand
You take falls and I take her and take draws
They give you the wait stall, they give me the mate calls (Ooh Baby!!)
You ye tall love is meet but hates yall
Thats why Ima take all, wit Pops and the Great Wall nigga!

If fraud is what you sellin (Get the fuck outta here)
When they lie you got to tell'em (Get the fuck outta here)
If you steppin to me wrong (Get the fuck outta here)
You aint got to go home but get (The fuck outta here)

Tell'em what to do (What) x3
Get the fuck outta here
Tell'em what to do (What) x3
Get the fuck outta here
Tell'em what to do (What)
Get the fuck outta here

Get the fuck outta here (Tell'em what to do) x2
You aint got to go home but get the fuck outta here

[The Popper]
I stay in the zone like 28's in a baggie
A veteran stands here rookie niggas at ease (Yes sir)
Grab these shove your middle fingas in the sky
Tell it like it is when I rap so yall identify
Start from the ground formulate a enterprise
Get outta here before you get punished and penalized
I've been advised to stay in this lane homie
I swear when I rap I say its not a thang phony
I'm icy, I'm shinin though I aint got a chain on me 
Even when I'm inside of this booth I keep my thang on me
And when it rains on me I don't complain homie
Eliminate the prob so I don't have the strain on me
I talks a bunch of shit, the haters wan flamethrow me
Rappers ain't got the balls, or the gall to place they aims on me
Get the fuck outta here tell'em Wall told ya
Yo Popper done deal any one of yo soft soldiers

[Chorus w/ Paul Wall over chorus]

Yea, Paul Wall, Tech N9ne, Popper, Swishahouse/TF

[Paul Wall]
I do this for my patnaz standin out there on the block 
And I do this for them haters on the sideline that knock
Despite what be sayin I just cant seem to stop
Gettin this guap I got a lot, patna I'm almost to the top
I gotta cop new watch or fresh grill and new clothes
I'm tryin to come down candy low sideways on foes
I gotta get that bread it me money ova these hoes
Cuz my fans be turnin into foes and harsh words lead to blows
They mad at me cuz I'm da shit while dey just shit
And I get up off my ass and get it while dey just sit
Dey upset cuz I'm gettin bread, While they layin in bed
Even though I started off at the bottom I'm hundred miles ahead
Cuz I'm the man mayne, but they washed up down the drain
They hate me cuz they aint me but please make no mistake
They knock me but can't stop me cuz I'm Paul Wall the Great baby