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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Big Krizz Kaliko
Album:  Everready: The Religion
Song:   Welcome to the Midwest
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Welcome to the place to be
The middle of all controversy
West end of the Mississippi
Wel-come to the mid-west

[Tech N9ne]
Pistol packin' and money mackin'
Rappin' up out the city where killaz keep it crackin'
Too dark and gritty, back in the dizzy
Jackin' was happenin'
Gafflin' many cacklin'
Now we packagin' crack and the addicts will POP
Kansas City, Missouri
To the fury of the inner city
Poverty stricken, novelty spittin'
Follow me quick into the bottom
We gotta be thizzin'
No frickin apology given
You trippin', we lick a SHOT
Get ready to brawl, hometown
Breakin' a jawbone clown
You and a criminal killa
Be ready to get a ??? on now
Look at the darkside
Fulla the gangbangin'
Hookers wit' choppas
And the coppaz they keep them thangs rangin'
You ain't gotta be killa gangsta to know
That you can die tryna hide side thangs for the dough
After the club, get to skippin' 'cause they trippin' off in the MO

It doesn't really matter where you go
Where you've been
Beautiful foreign lands you've been in
Gun play reigns
Sun ray shine
Stay inside you should be fine
I'll show you, follow me
Wel-come to the mid-west

[Big Krizz Kaliko]
It's a city where anybody can 'cause you bodily harm
When you walk in my city hardly armed
Hardly safe to show your face
Apes will erase you and let the blades graze you for the paper
Nowhere to hide on either side of the water
For gucci and prada
Krizz and the millimeter will follow ya
Holler and scream, it won't get you a thing
So get you a thing, load it up wit' hollow ones
Slide 'em up like a hollogen
Look at the crime rate
No wonder why I hate
Niggaz keep it peepin'
I'm seekin' for when you leavin'
I'm keepin' my thang
And take 'em away if it ain't in the day
Hurry get ya people up outta the K
The Mid (west) is more than just a little chaotic
And if we ain't got it we plottin' 'em to rob 'em for they checks
That be the nature of the beast
To keep the peace
I keep my piece when you in the midwest


[Tech N9ne]
Hands up, if you wit' it stand up
If ya get it Midwest, we admit it we the shyza
Stand tough, we can get it manned up
When you visit, big stress hella when you recognize us
Hands up, it you wit' it stand up
If ya get it Midwest, we admit it we the shyza
Stand tough, we can get it manned up
When you visit (wel-come to the mid-west)

[Tech N9ne]
If you trippin' we givin' you a labatomy
Cannibal, you hannibal can't amount to my psychology

[Big Krizz Kaliko]
And poppin' me better be the way you thinkin' of stoppin' me
Get on top of me quick forramic what I got on me click

[Tech N9ne]
Money, the mackin' and murder is all that we know
Whether sunny or black in the dirt I'ma gather my dough

[Big Krizz Kaliko]
If you hustlin' maybe the place you can get it for low
Get your package and get the pack
And golly get it and go

[Tech N9ne]
Never walk in my city when alone better draw down

[Big Krizz Kaliko]
Keep them babies out the way
Catch a stray in the K-Town

[Tech N9ne]
Boss in my city
Never crawl, never fall down

[Big Krizz Kaliko]
Me and Millimeter spray in your way and you better lay down

[Tech N9ne]
Gangstas, mobstas, everybody know

[Tech N9ne and Big Krizz Kaliko]
'Cause in a town ya wanna clown around at the show

[Tech N9ne]
Packin' millis 'cause everybody silly
So get ready to hit the flo'

[Hook: 2x]

I'll show you follow me.....
Wel-come to the mid-west!