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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Big Krizz Kalico
Album:  Everready: The Religion
Song:   No Can Do
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Welcome to everready
Welcome to everready
Welcome to everready

[Tech N9ne]
The Religion!
First thing I wanna say is (what!)
Y'all can't fuck wit us
Y'all can't fuck wit us

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
It's the one
With a name of a gun
Look at me mamma what I become
It's a, monsta, gangsta, fast
But I want to, thank ya for the last
Becuase everybodys heard of me
And if they say that I'm fakin' mama it's perjury
Cause your son comes with thunda now
That's why they wonder why we headline when I'm underground
In this mainstream game
My gang brings pain, to cowards
Said I'm done Calli give me the power
Come on wit it (HAA!)
You industry punks I hope you fakes die
Cuase most of rappers have a queer eye for the straight guy
Was that shit loud enough to hear
Loud enough to eco throguh the city and bust your ears
Patrick tried to sue us for a whole lot of bucks this year
Sell crazy somewhere else trick (We're all stocked up here)
Hey! I think I wanna say it again, y'all
Y'all can't fuck wit us

[Hook: Tech N9ne & Big Krizz Kalico]
Y'all can't fuck wit us
No can do
Y'all can't fuck wit us
No can do
Y'all can't fuck wit us
No can do
Y'all can't fuck wit us
Can't fuck wit us
Can't fuck wit us
Can't fuck wit us

[Bridge: Tech N9ne]
Yo! Big Krizz Kalico
Tell 'em, y'all can't fuck wit us
Y'all can't fuck wit us

[Verse 2: Big Krizz Kalico]
Fuck niggaz that got it in for me
But then the crowd's still got it's energy
Now, fool is fixin'a be crowned
Through with foolin' around
Which is two hands and both thumbs down bitches
For the Bianca's and Beatrice's
The Beatrice's is miraculous
You don't want to go on after us (No)
This is a slip of ridiculous
Cant get with us flows
Actually a bit of babblin' liftin your soul up
We all grown up
And when we blown up
Don't get to frontin'
I'll get you country boys nuttin'
You can cut us to thirty we stay on for an hour
Cause them heads boppin' in the crowd's ours (ABSOLUTE POWER!)
Main thing is taking over this mainstream
The game seems like they been waiting for a new A team
Ask Busta Rhymes, he said that nobody had the gift like him and Spliff
But me and Tech N9ne, well y'all ain't fucking with


[Bridge 2: Tech N9ne]
This beat make me wanna say hallelujah (HAHAHA)
Yo but instead I'ma say (what!)
Y'all can't fuck with us
Y'all can't fuck with us

[Verse 3: Big Krizz Kalico]
Okay this the benediction (Now we got y'all listenin'!)
Just a fraction of friction
From the act you was missin'
If you would actually listen
You'd see whose ass you be kissin' (MUWHA)
You're dealin' with one hell of a fella ya see
I'm anghellic but devils bring out the devil in me
I might pull the bullet so cover you see
A goody, goody get hoody less for messin' with me

[Verse 4: Tech N9ne]
This is my testament Tecca Nina been pressed against war
Simply done best to get next to it so I represent all
Grab your breast to this havin' sex next so pop your crystal
Crock ya legs a bit rock ya bed drop them DRAWERS
Tis to men to
The one you wan to take a stand to
You chumps in trouble we bout to bubble like shampoo
You might try but you can't do what Aaron and Sam do
You tryin' to ban who
No can do

[Tech N9ne]
It's a celebration bitches put your hands up ya
Y'all can't fuck with us!


[Tech N9ne]
It's not that y'all wack that got it so bad
It's that y'all pissed cuase we got it so good
Welcome to Tech world